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Everytime I see you come around my way
theres only one thing that I can say
I BEAT FOR DAYZ, homie (x2)

Take me back to the dayz of no responsibility
before I started rapping and bitchs wasn't feelin me
before I was on tha block lyrically killin G's
I was blowin trees no vasaline with my ashy knees
had me strapped for weeks I was gone in situations
niggaz didn't care pushed me out of conversations
now the years pass by and all I do is pull triggaz
what's the main difference?
I'm tha boss nigga
I'm g'ed up from my head to my feet
and when I come through, no less than 200 deep
These niggaz sheep in the game
it's really funny, how the ladies change
and come runnin when you got da money!
But this one girl had me in a daze
Cadet850 beat for dayz


Her name was Courtney
she was a shorty and she twerked it well
turned a nigga on like AOL
you got mail! (actual AOL voice)
Talk about a bust-it baby
nah nigga this girl bit it crazy!
And dogg I would love ta page her but shes mad busy;
Why? Cuz shes a pharmacy major!
Homie hook me up! Nah I cant help ya
she's mad social status hangs out with the Delta's
Krishna played the flute not the fiddle
but now this whole raps turned into a riddle
So homie tell me this does she know about you?
What school does she go to?
When she hears this I hope she decides to tak a ride
to Appleyard drive
cuz ain't a damn thing changed


I'm owned by the military contracted and all
had to put away the weed they won't see me fall
I'm in the gym everyday but I still ball on the block
Got nothin to hide so I don't run from the cops
I'm the king of the freestyle in the 850
anybody think their better, let me know!
oh and yes i'll say it, FUCK RICO!
I'll demolish every club, every venue
serve your ass without a menu
if you aint a 10 you aint gettin through
homie I'll staight pop ya
cuz all I know about women is what I learned
from porno flicks and soap operas
and thats the truth to the matter
if you clean I'll do ya
homie ask your girl I'm a walking Kama Sutra
if Mary was alive even Christ would say