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I be Tallahassee Thuggin it
Tallahassee Thuggin it
Tallahassee Thuggin it (chopped and screwed) (x2)

Ok here I go!
you know me, when you hear my flow
Cadet850 for sho
I ain't hard to find
just follow the white lines
and I burn bangerz in the booth when I'm on my grind
ya heard the freestyle before ya heard the rhyme
hella staked hella black
I am lyrical time machine when I'm on the track
I'll take you back so far like fuckin star trek
I don't caree what crew you roll wit, middle finger to yo set
I been rappin since adolescense and nobody cared
so fuck flava I'm spittin lyrical fear in yo ears
ain't a damn thang changed 18 years old
was unknown and now I'm known
switched some roles and damn right I'm lovin it
and it feels so good when I'm Tallahassee Thuggin it!


I hope ya know boy
I got more white than the pillsberry doughboy
shit have your ears ringing like a telephone boy
don't fuck with me lyrically this ain't a gameboy
your rhymes are lame boy
Cadet850 known to bring a house of pain boy
I got victoria secret bitchs you wish you were fuckin wit
I'm so corrupt in this game bout to blow up n shit
yes I'm commin back man
cuz these other rappers are dots in my midst
and I eat em up like pacman
and when I'm in New York you know I'm fuckin with Black Hand
and I'm a trappers trapper so I am the trap man
and I'm always on the block damn right I'm huggin it
it don't get no better when your Tallahassee thuggin it

(chorus) (x2)

A full clip don't mean shit if you can't aim
and I told y'all once before I'm lyrically insane
I obtain to contain another region of my brain
and I bring the game to your streets, your block will never be the same
I've got a master plan to break out the gate
and I unlocked the safe nigga I couldn't wait
I'm crazy I'll kill your children
I got two words for y'all FUCK CIVILIANS
I'm dressed as a cadet but underneath I'm a villian
and I swear in my mind I'm gettin homicidal feelings
I don't care if you feel my raps are not appealing
cuz I got so many lyrics I could make Gary Coleman reach the ceiling
if you buy my shit or not my soldiers gonna rock this
and I know five mexicans who'll jump on a nigga for stealing my shit
but it goes both ways cuz in the streets T.T.I. is all I have to say
these niggaz don't know I'm alive because of it
and I survive on these streets cuz I be Tallahassee Thuggin it!