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Thread: Real Lyrics...real Hip Hop

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    Default Real Lyrics...REAL Hip Hop

    Pages From The Rhyme Book/freestyles
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    Im The Master Of The Flying Guillotine
    It Must Run In My Afro Asiatic Genes
    Spill Ya Blood Run Ya Pockets And Take Ya Beans
    Shooting Rockets Swinging Swords
    Making Antidotes Cureing Raps Allergies
    Hitting The Streets Running
    Running From The Man Gunning
    Running To Mountains Get A Boozooka And Make It Go Bam!
    Go To College Get On The Hooka Scene
    Opps I Slipped Again And Once Again Im Useing The Red Beam
    Bending Time I Never Get Cought
    Lending My Sentences To Others In Court
    Sending Letters On Just Random Thoughts
    Say The Wrong Thing Get The Long Blade And Turn Your Pants Into Cargo Shorts
    Turn Into Flash Run Away As The Get Away Just To Start Over Another Day..

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    If you've been doing this for like a month or so, then i say just keep at it, you might get better than this shit here. But if you've been doing this for a while, i say stop now, its pretty bad, these ain't real lyrics man these ain't even complete thoughts.
    The dealer of hope is selling me lies
    Reasons to live are reasons to die, in disguise
    This life was never mine, the rivers never ran
    Cross your arms, its too late for helping hands
    Spit your pity elsewhere, there's no sympathy needed
    For one who's never alive, for one who's never completed (Bigot Hitman)

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    I never really sat down and wrote any lyrics soo there is room for to get better.

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