I'm Just another kid usin criminal ways to get thru the day/
i got a short vocabulary, but i do wut i can to get paid/
i drop a few rhymes on the street and listen to what people say/
not like those normal kids who like to chill back ad play/
this enviorment around me causes my brain to decay daily/
i continue to wonder why do these people hate me/
just because they see different colors these mutha fuckas turn crazy/
why dont i fight back, iono maybe cuz im lazy/
or maybe cuz i didnt c my fate turnin this way mainly/
my voice is crackin and i cant find the words to speak/
fuck man im doin a mixtape wit my cuz next week/
please let me land a deal and become one of the elite/
this way the next day i kno exactly wut im gonna eat/
is this just a dream, am i in a deep sleep/
please somebody make me bleed so i can wake and get this dragging feeling out of me/
it feels like an anchor from my heart to the sea/
only the anchor continues to fall until im down to my knees/
i pray to god that my skills pave the road ahead/
dam wut i would do to make this bread/
if i dont leave now these criminal ways will lead me to a future that involves me bein dead/