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    Hungry coyote hunger, stomach growling as i'm prowling on newcomers
    Fangs in the flesh, taste so fresh, fanatic freshman hunter
    tennis menace, hockey addict, doing stickup's all summer
    Attaining my goals, posted on the block with open soles
    feast on emcee's like dinnerolls, my crew men with colds
    My hoes cost you a Bill Gates bankroll, stash n' cash control
    I was born supernatural, pops always smelled like shit he was an asshole
    past role player, mountain moving himalaya, staying days up
    Mama birthed a hellrazor torturing cops with tazers
    Rock n' roll hater, guitar carrying underground undertaker
    Anthrax spreader, like shaq my positions center
    words uniqely written, splitting with illegal tender
    Janet jackson bender, porno flick movie shooting agenda
    godly flow, type of cat to pop the pope
    Got locked up, and never dropped the soap,

    Rootbeer float, concious lyrics inspired by life's obstacles
    on the road, running with gutter gangsters that rob your gold
    Midas touch, beat the pussy up, til' it's wide as fuck
    Listen up, in the mix like mutts, hair too nappy to brush
    Puppies feed em slush, acid trip adrenaline rush
    Toilet flush my nasty stuff, when i was young i didn't have a buck
    Stuck on stupid crews too shook to boost this ruthless
    Revolver rap claps cats that attack with nooses
    Stop the shooters, weedhead marching 2 miles to buy buddha
    Covenant crisis, graduated as a righteous tutor
    Give it to you raw, hotter than afternoons in bermuda
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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