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    Default The Flood

    *wrote this to the digi snax album

    Whenever Im swinging my swords
    You get cha cord cut without an ounce of blood missing/
    Now your wishing youve would have never stepped in the arena
    Get cha ass subpoenaed my rhymes n lines are weeds that grow through concrete/
    Hit cha sess whenever I address operatic topics applied like suntan lotions
    My flows got in motion like bacterial infections get the connection/
    Im the errection to any womens vagina; Im the sight you just saw
    Im the he to your haw, Im the rhymes to your bars I am total chaos/
    You cant encompass the flows I pump fist with
    When I bust clips of verses/
    Leaving most beats packed in hurses
    Get the metaphors Im using without cursing/
    Now your nursing wounds like boobs that just got repaired
    After the 1st didnt fare well/
    Yall are synthetic never authentic,
    Im kinetic while yall just stand still/
    Im digital while yall are still analog
    Im critical while yall are just fictional/
    I spit pictures digitized while
    Yall just get etched n sketched & photographed/
    Im the pitcher on the mound
    When your paper getting bound/

    Never given the time to rip it raw
    If I had wings Id soar
    If I had more time Id roar
    If I had one more chance Id score
    If I had the resources Id flourish
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