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Thread: FREE MIXTAPE HOSTED BY G-Unit artist Young Hot Rod!!!

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    Default FREE MIXTAPE HOSTED BY G-Unit artist Young Hot Rod!!!


    Go cop your copy now cuz it is free for dowload!!! Viva Ballerstatus.com!!! Mic Check Mixtapes is where it's at right now!!!

    Irie-1 ft. RBX & Ariano- Somethin 2 Say is the track I got on there.

    If the folder doesn't pop up after you extract, go to Settings on the start bar and search "For Files/Folders" with the words "Digital Dynasty". It's there! I swear people! I hope it's just my comp acting up, but that's how u get it if u can't locate it. Also if ur having trouble like I did then re-extract the folder and it will unzip in a matter of seconds(no long ass wait like the first time around) and give you the file folder with all those lovely tracks!!! I promise it's worth it!
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