yo kid my bad about not responding to the thread my whole place got robbed and these mother fuckers took all my shit cuz my stupid little cuzin let them in but its all good cuz we got those birdass niggas back for everything but check it im just gonna drop a verse 20 lines so get at me if u want two rounds im down holla

check it, yo this dude makavelli aint really got no skills/
no chance for victory this nigga forgot his vocabulary pills/
shit u must of lost ur brain a wile back, seein all these losses and says hows that/
u wack homey only got recognition cuz u rap so much/
props for that but after i eat u up back to work you lunch/
i represent Albania kid Shqiptar run New York City/
Serbians round here wear hollister and skinnys/
u a parasite nigga but u cant suck my health/
i already macked all the bitches in the world so go fuck urself/
shit son i tear up dudes on a regular basis/
i cant even see you but u get ripped down to the element basics/
ur rhymes irrelevant lets face it/
dont even make any sense son u just say shit/
with all due respect honestly i will say this/
ya mother shulda swallowed u but u got no taste kid/
no flava so ya rhymes is wasted/
all of it is makeshift, aint got no quality/
ur best verse was by accident most probably/
stackin g's im the shit u a number two wannabee/
actually the way im rappin is wat artists really lackin see/
u aint a prophet G thts why u changed seamlessly to macahbee/