i've done one of these before using NBA and MLB teams if i find them i'll also post them but i decided to do a spinoff of GZA's queen's gambit. only difference is i used a player from each team. i tried to use mostly star or well known players... some feedback would be greatly appreciated....

Brees through the evidence just to leave a clue
It must take a Saint to save what he mustnít do
Used to get shit-faced, spit the Brown bag truth
Time to call all agents heís like Mr. Anderson loose
Carving like a River granite into splendor
Charge(er/or) deliver attempts to rescue sender
Nice like Brady Bunch of bullshit faded
Now an ex-Patriot of the life he shaded
Stray hands (Strahan) wondered defiant
Until Redskinned by The Giant
Campbell soup canít soothe minds hit
With frozen, battered climates
So just Bear with him can barely walk, canít run
The gash on his soulís a black hole and can bend suns (Benson)
Had to get this battering Ram of words
And heal at a steady Pace forward
Knocking down obstacles Billed as ďYoursĒ
Get that demon, Lynch then sword
Yet he can still SeaHawks talons out trying, eyeing his lot
Alexander the Great couldnít conquer what he thought
Because in his land he communicates like Dolphins
Downing Becks was his often used to dream in coffins
Where a Colt would Buck and near (Buccaneer) his home then
Pit men (Pittman) against beast, Manning his station
Shooting Eagles and Falcons leaveíem lyin (Lion), no hurry
Spikes through their hearts always done (Dunn) in fury (Furrey)
Then itís off to the Titans, Young and by himself enter Tartarus
Somewhat cozy feeling so heís warming up to murderous
Strength like Bengals stealth-like Panthers
Irons out handles to grip and Pepper answers
No one hears they try to remain high like a rave ends (Ravens)
Yet thereís still the bombardment til he leaves a mark like Mason
Must runover these Jaguars and still cruise in his Bronco
Skin and Taylor outfits remain Gold in a tarnished glow
Waking up short-changed like a stealer (Steeler) took his money
Tries to Ward off all who donít bring the sunny
Cardinal sin he committed by acting bold in(Boldin) his theory
The Chief fired from his bow (Bowe) and angels left weary
Persistance paid off, 49ers struck bars
Resistance laid off, time the Gore time to watch
Jettison to domains burning coals (Coles) warm brains
Scuffed knuckles boxing sane learned to learn, burned pain
Beneath the Green extremely critical, Raiders hide their miserable
Text an (Texan) individual to rustle (Russell) feathers, prisonís full
Check out invisible, back door Vikings wait and drool
Hungry for another bull, Sharper than your average fool
Try to leave status in legendary like a Packers first super trophy
Call upon a Driver to drop him off passed purgatory
AWare of his surroundings sounds surround, mounting
Like a Cowboy riding out of sunsetís boundaries