I thank you all for coming today. I am sorry to say that Hip-Hop is in a state of emergency. In these tragic times people look for a hero. If there is a hero out there ready to take on the responsibility we welcome you with open arms.

Wu-tang is forever so hip hop never dies but Nas never lies,
Digital eyes see all but those who cause this abomination we do not mention,
There is always more than one answer to one great question,
So really who is gonna replace the great lyricist, The Rza, The Gza, Na 2 da sir Jones
Who in our generation will be able to stand in their shoes when they gone?
Who else is gonna make the Ghetto Rock like Mos Def,
The RE: in front of Definition defines the young lyricist ambitions to carry on tradition,
When liquid swords stop battlin’ the iron mic is left standin,
Assassination day draws near the swordsman retreats into the fourth chamber,
Everyone knows Hip Hop is in danger,
Where is the Hero?
Like a phoenix he will rise from the ashes of what was once great.,
Hero will Spit fire breath brimstone make Hip hop chaotic,
Quit the analog stop MC’s from soundin robotic,
Sucker MC’s sound quixotic stuck on the same tired ass rhymes,
You can tell them I said get right get a life,
I’m constantly on a city high,
Always got new rhymes like the way ghetto’s got crime,
Hell yeah its for all of us to bring in the golden age,
Ready? 1, 2 ,3 engage on those who ruined the game,
Main stream now startin to blend soundin like Ranchero music all the same,
Same beats, same loops, so it’s time for real MC’s to bring the heat,
Show these studio gangsters we don’t fuck around on the streets,
They wanna yell shit out on records so you know they gotta glass jaw,
Show’em Hip Hop ain’t candy lollipops da realest we like Eddie Murphy and bring it raw,