my enemey is your holy simplicity // my complexity disassembles every fake religous mysteries // uncover your true history // you’re as fake as that guy in phone booth is // i’m verbal shootin you while gettin head from the Muses // so you know how inspiring my truth is // hit u so hard leave you with mental bruises // bar after bar, you’ll die with no chance to pray // then cover your bodys with tar, so only your souls decay // wherever they are // I stay ambitious like Czar // while all you fakes dream about is a luxury car // bitch, you wanna be a star? you want to fuckin’ shine? // go against me // scientifically, you gonna burn and turn to a sign of mine // to every MC who’s deaf dumb and blind // i spit mad metaphors like the Quran // unstopable like a divine plan // i slam your dome so hard letterly open your brain // like russian roullete, im lethally insane // with flow like acid rain, shit leaves you drained // i cause more damage than a hurricane // mass destruction, then i start buildin again // enlighten your ways like muslims did to savages of Spain // DZA Tha Dissenter, you better remember the name // cuz soon yall gonna be prayin with what im sayin //