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Thread: Zatoichi - A Takeshi Kitano Film

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    Default Zatoichi - A Takeshi Kitano Film

    I just saw this on TV last night
    It kept my attention the whole movie so it was preety good.
    I liked how they did the effects with the blood

    I've seen a few of the older Zatoichi films on IFC over the past 3 or 4 years, this 2003 remake stacks up pretty well against the older ones

    Anyway what did ya think?

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    Default Re: Zatoichi - A Takeshi Kitano Film

    gd film beat takeshi always makes some dope films have u seen boiling point and violent cop both mad.Also his appearance in battle royal was dope

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    Default Re: Zatoichi - A Takeshi Kitano Film

    hes an excellent and visual director

    brilliant movie

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    Default Re: Zatoichi - A Takeshi Kitano Film

    Great flick.

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    Default Re: Zatoichi - A Takeshi Kitano Film

    also quite funny

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    Default Re: Zatoichi - A Takeshi Kitano Film

    my favourite visual direction of his has to be DOLLS.. its so beautiful.

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    Default Re: Zatoichi - A Takeshi Kitano Film

    its a good movie but i didnt like the cgi blood stuff
    i would expect it to be like real life kinda like kill bill
    but it was an excellent movie none the less

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    Default Re: Zatoichi - A Takeshi Kitano Film

    I'm more of a fan of the old black & white Zatoichi films. This one was decent but the CG blood was a bit off to me. Also the fact that the verison I saw was dubbed kinda ruined it for me.
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