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Thread: The Tired Tire

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    Default The Tired Tire

    Newly abandoned tire, dropped in a ditch by accident
    it didn't know it was rolling wrong, a flaw of its passiveness//
    Without its cars, it goes from priceless to lifeless
    Reality breaks it down quick in depression's vicegrips//
    It sits motionless, hope'in its just that day
    It can befriend some other car, and take its pain away//
    When the rain showers down and it sinks even lower
    All it can wish for is to be thrown upon a helping shoulder//
    Taken from its hole, even if its joy is soon lost
    Its happy just to be alive, before, again it gets tossed-
    -by depression, into a thicket as its plot thickens
    It begins to think its fate is foul and blood written//
    Barried by the bushes, now its rarely seen
    Its loosing touch with its soul
    Like its loosing touch with its roads//
    By any means, its desperate, fading and alone
    A worm is eating it inside, and it can't fight it on its own//
    All it wanted was companionship, even if it was abused
    And ran through rocky paths, as long as it was used//
    Now it ponders suicide as it gives up its chase
    Feeling like its only place of peace is deep in a lake//
    One day a familiar stranger came, and it didn't bother
    to try to fight'em off before it was thrown into water//
    Where no one will find'em, and no one can see'em
    But that road from its pain only leads to false freedoms//
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