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Thread: The Slave And The Master

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    Default The Slave And The Master

    my take on the Nas song...


    as Nas be preachin on black zombies, kaffir's moms be/
    pawning belongings for dimes while dafta blonds be//
    flaunting to the nearest ambercrombies, long we've/
    been subjugated to inequity, now wait a second g//
    y'all been ages free from slavery, savor the/
    fragrance of fresh baked igorance from Your Black Muslim Bakery//
    hangin free in the air from an oak tree; yet only/
    when you've choked the black press is when you've choked me//
    don't be countin ya chickens; I've been out in the buisness/
    one month, now that sun's up; what you doin now//
    pigeons surroundin the benches; crumbsnatchas/
    run afta some stray cracka like we do//
    see who's the animal? killin our own like cannibals/
    guzzlin Sams in full 40s while baggin fish like salmon rolls//
    damn it's bullshit, this whole schtick bout don't be scared to pull it/
    it ain't like the bullet identifies the culprit//
    hold it steady, empty the full clip, be ready/
    to disappear, gs won't care; their conscious muddled by hits of beer//
    gs don't fear repercussions, already in deeper dumb shit/
    somethin ain't right; thugs jumpin late nights, gunmen lay tykes//
    on the streets like common niggas, they ma made ramen dinners/
    and ain't had the heart to dump em out, young men doubt//
    the power of one action; some black men even say we have been/
    bred and tamed; how else would we let human dogfights happen//

    Stable income's a fable in slums, able in/
    capacitated it don't matter, just spin some fabricated//
    horse shit and you've just dodged affirmative action/
    like afghan women to learn to live maskin displeasure's//
    the black man's burden, spurred into crime afta crime/
    cause thats where the money is; what's funny is how as the time//
    passes by I've come to realize that once you steal pride/
    from a community the unity is stretched thin, this lesson//
    vital to black survival, more important than the B.I.B.L.E./
    fuck rivalries; why kill me when you could be killin the racists//
    that place us in shitty places n jaces; aint this the point of/
    resistance? Or is this what it's come to, depend on one to//
    carry the goblet, no one wants to opt to stop this despotic/
    race shit, if you can't feel this you probably leprotic//
    knowledge is power, that's why we weren't allowed to read/
    n write; even today that aint changed, at the eleventh hour//
    the flayed and the caster; slave and the master/
    BET got ya shakin ya ass ta half bakin rappas//
    who glorify horrid lives and morbid crimes/
    doe or die's the chorus line; fuck a mortgage buy porsches...//

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    The Slave and The Master....

    indegenous slaves shackles went from the body to the mind
    then back to the body when u do a dollar work for a dime
    u end to lean towards a whip and chain contract at time
    but u know better u considered the tubman of the underground
    and nobody gonna take u to hollywood to make a cotton out of ya sound
    when u sing humm and create hymns of the hood
    about the route needed to take to make things standable if not good
    trustin no one cause u know puffy would shit on u before suge
    sell ya publishing off to the first person who can buy it too
    and u only have ya people they feed and take care of u
    the lable give u a loan labled a advance to make ya tunes
    but tones, concerts sells and endorsements gonna define ya moves
    hopin that a million people feeling what u do and how u choose to
    fighting the mentality they administer when they spit
    thats just blatant display of the experiment by willie lynch
    just a porch monkey with a banana and a string to pull a inch
    that feel like a chain buts just a noose with strings attached to it
    just enough to hang ya self of they can hang u just as quick
    thats the movement when the chains got from the bod to the ment'
    when u just a slave to who ever own ya masters man
    so its spoken in unison the pressure of being independent
    is heaven compare to the hell of being obligated to businessmen
    hopin ya get a emancipation from the president
    but u do what u have to regardless if it comes in....

    its essential eventually u'll wake up and get sick of what u been thru,
    and provoke a scene reminiscent of the it was written intro

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    ? do people leave feed on this board?

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