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Thread: nineties flava's book of rhymes

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    Default nineties flava's book of rhymes

    I'll post some my older shit in here as well as some of my newer shit... I didn't know the format for posting writtens that this forum likes until a couple minutes ago... this is a lot different than what other sites do.

    Anyways, here's something I wrote a while ago... I was trying to fit in as many multis as I possibly could while still making sense so take it for what you will... I've gotten a lot better since

    (verse 1)
    shock and rile ears with less sympathy than crocodile tears/
    my style's fear; if you gonna call it off the dial's here//
    defiled peers for years; child reared half you kids in rap/
    with similac; kickin facts that end cats and they smidgeon acts//
    ain't given craps 'bout prison rats; all y'all can go to hell/
    lotta foes to fell; stop talkin 'bout ya bling like show n tell//
    "Years of Prayers" won't keep me from dolin' hell with "Golden Shells"/
    tried to hide in "Allie" but that wack shit ya "Holden" spells//
    death and destruction; debt and deductions' what the industry/
    breeds n succeeds at doing as long as you suckas let em be fuckin//
    up the similes n imagery; like Timothy I'll be bombin gs/
    on the free; honestly me logic be//
    chronically demolishing opposition with compositions/
    that stomp a written; in my league there's no competition//
    stop the bitchin; I topped ya spittin when I first started/
    still the smartest artist; I'll leave wack acts departed//
    by the road side; my cold eye paralyze foes like medusa/
    mic sedusa; smash wacks "today and the next" like meth usas/
    you's a fool ta sacrafice ya career/
    fa mere cash; stop the bull n take the digits out ya ear fast//

    in a heartbeat, I body ya copied larceny/
    with verbal arsony; dischargin-gs from varsity...//

    (verse 2)

    in a flash I negate sinna's cash; y'all been in last/
    for a minute; as my spittin blast wacks I trim the trash//
    cats; I spinned ya past tracks and all I gotta say/
    is stop today; ya bought ya way in with enough gwap ta lay in//
    drop the swayin; the mobsta sayins are played as fuck/
    jay n rae's enough; you ain't contributin with these gay ass bluffs//
    take ya cuts back; ya can't bust phat; to ya fans, cut that/
    gay love crap out; take yall's nutsacks out his butt crack now//
    what wack? Ya comebacks couldn't stunt the growth of hunchbacks/
    come back when ya dumb raps supportin weight like pun's calfs//
    TUNS that crew that you rat towards; like Fear factor/
    actors all yall unit stans be talkin about is 50 grand//
    like the rapture, I'm approaching the end/
    poachin ya friends; towin ya benz, totin a pen//
    prosin again; arose in the den but still made it/
    with ill statements; y'all is ill fated cause like the matrix//
    y'all only awoke in the end, like coke in ya gin/
    i'm unexpected dope, I run the bestest show//
    in the west biz known, as I wreck this song/
    I test the chrome; vests is torn till chests is blown//
    with next to no thought; like gotti Iím scott-free/
    from competition; if ya think you better, top ma spittin//
    bootleggers stop the bitchin.../

    (2nd hook)
    killin it down, ill with the noun, still in the round/
    stealin ya crown; like a pulse y'all feelin it now//
    in ya hearts; like shawn carter, 15 and just started/
    up the carnage; if ya garbage, don't start shit//

    (verse 3)
    the sickest with words, stickin a herb, skippin the third/
    and goin straight to home; you hooked in like the bait is gone//
    ya fakeness show; I rate this foe a ten/
    for every time he's been beaten by me in sequence//
    the frequence shockin; fuck Stephen Dawkins, I am a God/
    livin the high life; burnin more trees than the Amazon//
    to my modern rhapsodys; what more could you ask of me?/
    slackin, me? actually, I'm back in the//
    booth with rappin steez you can only peruse/
    n peep; and to those who choosin sleep//
    when it comes to my shit...

    (pharoahe monch vocal sample)

    fuck you!

    More shit to be posted in the very near future...

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    Here's something a wrote a month ago... its my take of Nas's the Slave And The Master ...


    as Nas be preachin on black zombies, kaffir's moms be/
    pawning belongings for dimes while dafta blonds be//
    flaunting to the nearest ambercrombies, long we've/
    been subjugated to inequity, now wait a second g//
    y'all been ages free from slavery, savor the/
    fragrance of fresh baked igorance from Your Black Muslim Bakery//
    hangin free in the air from an oak tree; yet only/
    when you've choked the black press is when you've choked me//
    don't be countin ya chickens; I've been out in the buisness/
    one month, now that sun's up; what you doin now//
    pigeons surroundin the benches; crumbsnatchas/
    run afta some stray cracka like we do//
    see who's the animal? killin our own like cannibals/
    guzzlin Sams in full 40s while baggin fish like salmon rolls//
    damn it's bullshit, this whole schtick bout don't be scared to pull it/
    it ain't like the bullet identifies the culprit//
    hold it steady, empty the full clip, be ready/
    to disappear, gs won't care; their conscious muddled by hits of beer//
    gs don't fear repercussions, already in deeper dumb shit/
    somethin ain't right; thugs jumpin late nights, gunmen lay tykes//
    on the streets like common niggas, they ma made ramen dinners/
    and ain't had the heart to dump em out, young men doubt//
    the power of one action; some black men even say we have been/
    bred and tamed; how else would we let human dogfights happen//

    Stable income's a fable in slums, able in/
    capacitated it don't matter, just spin some fabricated//
    horse shit and you've just dodged affirmative action/
    like afghan women to learn to live maskin displeasure's//
    the black man's burden, spurred into crime afta crime/
    cause thats where the money is; what's funny is how as the time//
    passes by I've come to realize that once you steal pride/
    from a community the unity is stretched thin, this lesson//
    vital to black survival, more important than the B.I.B.L.E./
    fuck rivalries; why kill me when you could be killin the racists//
    that place us in shitty places n jaces; aint this the point of/
    resistance? Or is this what it's come to, depend on one to//
    carry the goblet, no one wants to opt to stop this despotic/
    race shit, if you can't feel this you probably leprotic//
    knowledge is power, that's why we weren't allowed to read/
    n write; even today that aint changed, at the eleventh hour//
    the flayed and the caster; slave and the master/
    BET got ya shakin ya ass ta half bakin rappas//
    who glorify horrid lives and morbid crimes/
    doe or die's the chorus line; fuck a mortgage buy porsches...//

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    Here's another drop... it's from a couple weeks ago. My take of Madvillain's "Accordion", but like the drop above I tried to infuse my own style as well... I tried my hand at full-line rhymes like MF DOOM does occasionally to see if I could pull it off... I also tried abstraction to see what I could do with it.

    this drop is called "Still Killin It"

    I'm killin again, who rise up n get me/
    die willin the pen to write somethin witty//
    try reelin it in, fore you go overboard/
    n fuck with the ovalords; duck its jehova's sword//
    comin to keep yee unfaithful in check/
    nothin you peeps plead gon make ol' tinhead//
    bacdafuqup... I got sticky fingaz/
    from sticking emsingas; some flipping men need ta//
    get a grip; stop tryna go nuts n off me/
    actin like dem sobs who buy the donuts n coffee//
    yo cut is off-beat; so what if blahzay/
    blah's my steelo; yo jalopi live-in ass need to stop//
    playin ceelo, get a hobby feed ya kids every night cause/
    on the d-low, even Pilsburry wont let you see dough//

    (1 bar break)

    verse 2:

    still killin it, someone snuck a chill pill in his/
    drink but it didn't matter; 'Real be kill billin kids//
    illa than ill bill, reala than real deal/
    rappas claim to be; they all the same to me//
    take a seat; I dont wanna hear duke's life story just/
    eitha shut up or I'll add ya ass to my quarry list//
    thanks to I-40 it's not safe to hide behind a screen/
    once I find the cyba fiends leave em idolizin me//
    its funny how wack cats crossbreedin like a liger seed/
    thats why aint no one got beat inside the cypha ring//
    jot that inside ya diary; 20th of august/
    dear journal, the men he with like sawdust//
    they stay all up on you until you make the cut/
    tellin me to be real, yet still you shake ya butt?//

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    here's a freestyle I did a couple days ago in front of a couple of friends... this is what I can remember...

    tough like callous, from here to dallas, I'm the foulest/
    filled with malace, make ya lose your mind like alice//
    like chalice I drink the blood of gods to get stronga/
    you so rhythmless, that even with a conga//
    you couldn't feel the beat; tried to deal with me/
    and now you got a problem, and nobody can solve 'em//
    cause I'm the root cause, fuck laws, when the/
    gun draws... send ya dun cause//
    its either you or him, you two are too dim/
    to fool me, I school gs with more calm than a cool breeze//
    who's next, just know that if you go next/
    when you least expect it I gotcha, like Joe Tex//

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    ^I remembered the rest of the freestyle

    ...and even with bow flex, you could never be strong enough/
    to best me, I wreck scenes, n test fiends, to netcees//
    I'll call ya wrong e-bluffs n be ruff, cause this the re-up...

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