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Thread: An Ode to Darfur

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    Default An Ode to Darfur

    Ambiguous feelings toward the slaughter of hundreds
    its a slippery slope, like the top of your tongue gets
    on the one hand a necessary evil crept past us
    but on the other hand just how many did guns wet?
    The vicissitudes in attitudes leave people confused
    while the scope and scale of atrocities leave me bemused
    Are they not important to us because they make no money?
    or are they not important after all the resources are used?
    So who is on their side? Not China Not Russia
    Not the European states that used to make up Prussia
    No way the U.S intervenes, only a handful care
    Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds is all that we lust for
    This is today's Africa, the motherland to millions
    This is Africa, an early resting place for Billions
    We want the gold, the oil. and a ton of Uranium
    Strip it all bare, colonization stole Trillions
    Bent and broken easily , just like cardboard
    We have all the money, tell me what is your heart for
    Death, rape, Bombs, guns, dismemberment, run! run!
    all in a happy little place that we like to call Darfur

    feel free to post your own

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    damn son that's some touching stuff man

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    I second that heartfelt, disco ball shit!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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