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Thread: Tragedy Khadafi, M-Eighty, and ???

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    Default Tragedy Khadafi, M-Eighty, and ???

    To all Emcee’s looking for that guest appearance to make their album, compilation, mixtape, etc. (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY)

    For those fans of the QB movement producing the likes of such hip hop heavyweights as Nas, Mobb Deep, CNN, Tragedy Khadafi, Littles, and many more, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. This post to alert all interested parties that up for exclusive licensing and ownership is an unreleased post “Thug Matrix” verse by Tragedy Khadafi (Juice Crew, The father of QB, protégé of Marly Marl) accompanied by production along with a recorded M-Eighty verse (best known for his work with Think Differently Music, Killah Priest and Rhymefest).

    The two verses along with its production accompaniment are available for sale to one exclusive buyer/group for their own personal release. As an independent artist, the attention surrounding an album featuring national artists is always a great boost in terms of sales, publicity, radio, etc. The tentative title for the track is “Rebeloution” and the production (N&L Production, NY) is top notch. As the sole owner, all contractual papers concerning the licensing, vocalist appearances, etc. will be signed over to you.

    Please address all serious inquiries to breathagain80@yahoo.com

    Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity…keep hip hop pure.

    http://biz.yahoo.com/iw/050725/091569.html (For more info on Tragedy Khadafi)

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    Default Re: Tragedy Khadafi, M-Eighty, and ???

    ill move this to the audio lounge so it can be used properly and it doesnt get abused.

    peace and thanks for posting this on the site.

    BIG L Rest In Peace

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