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Thread: comic request

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    Question comic request

    hello I already downloaded some of the comics from the older gods thread and firstiful wanted to thank the uploaders.
    Now to my requests: Is there a new part of the wolvinere old man storyline out?
    And more important could somebody post the GAMBIT vs NEW SUN story.
    Im really seaching the net since a long time for that comic, cause Im really a huge GAMBIT fan and that seems to be his most powerful appearence in marveluniverse.
    thank ya

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    All issues of Old Man Logan will be posted in the Older Gods thread as they are released, all in the same post (page 13).

    I'll have a dig for New Sun stuff. To get started though, here's the issue of Uncanny X-Men where they expel Gambit:

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    cool issue.
    Like the appearence of mr. sinister (...if I weren't me I would be scared...)
    BTW is Joseph a clone of Magneto?
    keep posting man and thanks in advance

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