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Thread: Eslam Jawaad : THE MAMMOTH TUSK

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    Default Eslam Jawaad : THE MAMMOTH TUSK

    The long awaited debut album from Eslam Jawaad, entitled THE MAMMOTH TUSK will be hittin the shops soon. the album has been fully produced, recorded, mixed and mastered, 2 banging 35mm videos have been produced by Ivan Hererra (MTV director of the year), and Eslam has been busy setting up his own label ESLAMAPHOBIC MUSIC to release the album world wide. the album includes featurings from Damon Albarn (production and vocals), The Rza (of Wu-Tang Clan on production), Focus (of Dr. Dre's Aftermath on production), and the legendary De La Soul (vocals). The Album promises to satisy the most critical of hip-hop fans and is sure to be a classic. patience is a vertue!


    This Brother is a mate of Cilvaringz.

    Hey Cilvaringz, you want to drop some knowledge about this Brother? You on the album also? You heard it?

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    Any news on this?

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