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    Again this is a couple of months old, but I want to post some of my work on here so here it is. I should have a new piece up in the next few days, but you can read this while your waitin

    Well, basically me and a guy made this over msn. First line was mine, second was his etc. But sometimes I had 2 lines, then he had 2, or i had 3 and he had 1 or w/e, but overall we both contributed the same amount of lines.Some were just a joke, but majority of them we put alot of effort into. So ye, forget who wrote what, just read + feed bizznitches

    we the tightest there is, no1 even bothers to question
    we mastered all the elements, the art of perfection
    picked up so many skulls that we could start a collection
    hang 'em off our necks, our erotic possesions
    an all this type of shit is not regarding a weapon
    no ice picks or clips, just smarts and agression
    this is how real men do it, our ruggedness is pure
    magnificent and brilliant and our substance is obscure
    punch dudes in their stomach 'til their guts are on the floor
    while ciphering with titans. and their blood is on our jaws
    took bolts from frankenstien's neck an we stuck em on the door
    thoughts so onorthodox the public will adore
    covering the new grounds they reluctant to explore
    the content is incredible, it's stuff you can't ignore
    we'll show you what to do if any fuckers wanna war!!

    Rhyming is strategic...
    an if you want to match our flow, the timin is they key and..
    technically precise, you're blinded till u see it
    just sit and take a look at every guy that tried to beat it
    the minds of the prestigious, we fried 'em with our weak shit
    they're frightend and their hidin, suprised em with our speeches
    analizing wanksters crying...tranqualizers needed
    known around here coz our alibi's succeeded
    hailed as the new kings, just televise our deepness
    you'll never find a weakness, our defence is impeccible
    the tactics are superior, you're fencing with generals
    noticed by the God's, our rep is incredible
    quoted by the masses, but they never respected you
    we find it very hysterical...
    so if u wanna fuck with us then we'll step on ya testicles (nh)
    and divine intervention couldn't edit the spectacle!!

    an impossible event, we phenominal with strength
    we're dominant as rappers and unstoppable as men
    ignorin all the orders of the doctors we befriend
    although it's you whos gettin tossed inside the hospital again!
    we got monumental bars, watch these prodigies ascend
    coz gettin seen as average is not what we intend
    knowledge for you cowards like, is it logical to sin?
    when out amongst the stars is where our quality extends
    astronomers are friends
    so you should get that telescope they often recommend!
    pardon me again, but losses aren't cool, our marksmen will avenge
    any particles of pride you have swallowed with the gin

    victorious till death, no documents of tragedy
    success is proven when some dudes attempt copyin ur strategy
    but the hate could bring us down, incompetance is gravity
    yet it still can't knock our talent, it honestly comes naturally
    dictators of the gifted 'cause democracy is savagery
    the jealousy of generals has got armies comin after me
    it's helping me dismember dudes, the suckers i would slap for dean
    snipers aimed from everywhere, he's gotta watch my back ya see
    viper fangs are very rare, no hollows when we clap the heat
    an when we're at our prime, we're known to hinder teams
    laughing at the lost souls of those who intervened
    they had the balls to fuck with us so they were blown to smitherenes
    fuckin all the tribes who think that stones and sticks are mean
    we're wise owls who's noble brains are older than it seems
    another day, another pillage dethroning sick regimes
    copied patterns of the splattered blood and sewed em in our jeans
    too smooth to commit rape but our poles will enter queens

    You can't predict the don's, the analysts of conflict
    Look at all the missions that the gangsta's have accomplished
    In the past we've made mistakes, and we don't plan to live as convicts
    We just stay hackin at ya chest
    Whereas your grappling with death until your strangled on the carpet
    Supply magic in the bars, but we ain't practicing the card tricks
    We're like Jedi's to the minds of the savages we spar with
    Leave em actin all retarded, scratchin at their armpits
    Baffled and bemused at how we're batterin the artists
    Victims of society are dragged in to this tar pit
    coz every song recorded is...a renaissance of gorgeousness
    Our only rule is to destroy, an we never stop enforcin' it
    the cheddar got enormous, kid...we investing in the art
    We're the first aid kit for rap incase it ever rips apart

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    What have I got to do to get feed round here

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    i feel for ya man.. takes a bit of work/kissing ass to get any kind of resemblance of respect or even attention from these saps, from what i read shit looks pretty coo, unfortunately im not much of an emcee and i spend little time in the rhyme or audio section.

    i dig how you and a fellow rhymer connect with each other though back n forth...

    post a myspace if youve got one maybe some tracks will catch some attention...
    say you got hoes, you pry got hoes in yo socks

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    Props on the feed bro..didn't think I'd ever get any lol
    But I only do text, not audio

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