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Thread: Slow Suicide Stimulus new album

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    Default Slow Suicide Stimulus new album

    Slow Suicide Stimulus is coming.......New Jersey's own Tame One(Artifacts, Weathermen) and Dusted Dons combine to form Slow Suicide Stimulus. Slow Suicide Stimulus is at the forefront of hip hop with a true style that's taking the streets by storm with raw lyricism and gritty productions. The new album will feature production from El-P,Face Valyou,Camu Tao,DJ Mighty,Govone and Space Dog. The album will feature guest appearences by Camu Tao(SA Smash), Metro(SA Smash),Vast Aire(Cannibal Ox), Yak Ballz(Weathermen), Cage(Weathermen) and the legendary Cold Crush Brother Grandmaster Caz.The album will drop November.

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