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Thread: John Ruiz

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    Prince Rai

    Default John Ruiz

    Man I still cant believe that fool around... anddd he has the WBA belttt....

    seriouslyy he needs to be knocked outta da game...

    fuck it.. dat McBride guy is def gon be next 2 fight him.. but what sorta fighters are these???

    id say Samuel Peter should finish Ruiz and put some stability in the HW category... there shouldnt be 2 many old randomz in the Heavy category...

    sorry for l;ashin out.. im just pissdd....

    remember the days where we would actually wanna watch a heavyweight fight??

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    You KNOW I'm with you on that shit. Ruiz is the worst thing to happen to heavyweight boxing. No wonder the casual fan thinks that boxing isn't that exciting when Don King puts this fucker in PPV events! I'd love to see Peter knock him into permanent retirement, but Peter needs a lot of work. He swings WIDE and he's not good on his feet. That might make it easy for Ruiz to do his usual bearhug/slow dance with him. Even Vitali could represent the crown better than Ruiz, and I don't even like Klitscko. Monte Barrett maybe?...Shit, heavyweight division is gonna be fuct for at least a few years.

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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: John Ruiz

    word benzo dats what i fear man....

    i know samuel needs work... but he such a good prospect... monte should realistically get ruiz first.. but i think peter should be able 2 get this grab punch sukker.. and take dat title and have hope 4 himself that he going somewhere good..

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