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Thread: The Non-Hip-Hop MP3 Share Thread

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    When i heal by the end of 2012, i'm going to go to the jungle and take ayahuasca and when the snakes and other spirits come (and according to my book they are so real you can take photos of them even though Em, Rae and Tech N9ne wouldn't believe in any of
    this) i am going to play this song and beatbox so me and my spirit/Pokemon, La-Cinderella can scare the spirits as obviously we are more powerful

    Borgore - Guided Relaxation Dub @ 320kbps
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    Default Y'all feelin' this shit, nigga?

    Tracks 1 & 5 from Digimortal, Fear Factory's fourth studio album, released on April 24, 2001 by Roadrunner Records. It is considered a concept album and a sequel to Obsolete, their previous album (which was itself a continuation to Demanufacture) and the final part of a trilogy.

    The concept is about how man and machine have merged into one. The surviving humans and the machines realize they have to depend on each other if they are going to continue on. The title of the album is actually short for "Digital Mortality".

    Fear Factory - What Will Become @ 320 kbps

    Fear Factory - Linchpin @ 320 kbps

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    We Are All Made of Stars @ 320kbps

    Spectre General
    Nothin's Gonna Stand in our Way @ 320kbps

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    Zombie Nation
    Kernkraft 400 @ 320 Kbps


    Youtube Link:

    Cindy is hot, but not so much mindy

    This is better than Nig-Nog Neezy Weezy and Game's version

    Also this was the track i played all night when i had that pure coke from Saj that went for like 100 a gram. i was playing this over and over that night i stayed high for over 10 hours reimprinting the 3rd circuit of my brain (which interfaces with the 7th and manages synchronicity)

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    smashing pumpkins- bullet with butterfly wings

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