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Thread: Sum Shit Im Gunna Record

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    Default Sum Shit Im Gunna Record

    Feed Back Thanx....

    Stop Bitchen I Came To Lift Cats Into Submission'
    Twitchen And Snifflin' From The Four Fif Im Liftin'
    Cadavers Missin' Blood Trails Glissens' Listen'
    Crusify You Like A Christian' No Wisperin'
    In The Presence Of The Almighty' Praised Highly'
    From The Tides Im Rising' Like A Full Lunar Sighting'
    Im In Tune To Riding' Two Scoops Of Iceing'
    Aint As Sweet As The Line Im Typing' No Jiving'
    Just Thriving On Lightning Type Scribing' Im Hyping'
    The Whole Scene' Holding You Slow Like Codine'
    Souls Im Molding' You Can Scroll Links'
    And Not Find Lines Like The Flows Im Sculpting'
    Im Holden The Golden Token' Playing This Game Of Life........

    Dont Wanna Give It All Away What You Think?

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    Default Re: Sum Shit Im Gunna Record

    I felt it nice.. keep it real!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Default Re: Sum Shit Im Gunna Record

    hey sickrich are you david are you a.k.a xae'lox

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    Default Re: Sum Shit Im Gunna Record

    Not much in the way of content, but a pretty nice display of putting rhymes together. Flow seemed to be on point. I think that will sound nice in Audio.

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