Prince Rai & Shizzah :: Scriptz

Shed Light Across the Earth, Slae the today where we don't pray
We own the tools of the trade, mental blades on a parade since the first grade
The lionheart warrior swung the diamond club at the spade
Seventeen guardians guarding the bell chimes
Giving the universe some space and time
To unwind, and prepare for our rhymes
Leave Nostradamus speechless, he never predicted our written
We took a stab at the Big Ben
The clock bled time, we needed to patch the seconds together
Peasants fled from the rain, cheetahs brought the weather
Letters carved in the deep tombs of Egypt
They don't mean anything, that's why noone can read it
We wrote it...

But nobody ever thought it, ancient politics still destroying minds
secret entities creeping giants, but our words ungrazed by rocks and diamonds,
blood money under the flag of sweet milk and honey,
jewels of the mighty still light up the sky, enough left till the oceans run dry,
evil lurks but we are fighting sturdy, upright knights our style never dirty,
we're still in it so bring on the brawls, tigers timid hiding under shawls,
dark matter shatters unfathomable boundaries, our existence building for millions of centuries,
no room for exaggerations, our will alone is blessed with the ability for natural alterations,
life nurtured to entail complex mysteries,
but who will solve it....

We round up like the Earth revolving
Mysteries of species that still are evolving
Painting vivid pictures with brushes of mysticism
Writing rich scriptures with rushes of lyricism
Travel like the light, reach unreachable distance
Binary stars gifted with residual resistance
Generals and soldiers with logical assistance
Enough gifted braincells to spark the scene
Check the dictionary if you don't what it means
Beams of light trying to catch the supernova
Death of a star producing dust to start over
Intergalactic travels are our daily agenda
We rhyme in gazebos, and chill in haciendas
Each took a spaceship, peach-sized Sun's reached
The walls of space that cannot be breached
Or can they?

mayan sun, scorching heat, running feet, rapid verse truly unique, thats why they call it universe.
words as stars, sentence planets held together by invisible force all bowing down to our universal laws.
space boundaries infinite possibilities, my mind transcends into deep parallel facinities.
powerful beings, angel sightings, the end for the devil is near, throughout the years people have been living in fear,
poisoned darts pinpoint mechanically evil men who border insanity, the audacity scientists believe we cannot defy gravity,
the possibility that we can do more than what our limitations permit,
future scriptures will have the fabric of our current mental possessions, people dedicate to us humble processions,
our next rhyme shizzah will be given with heavy concessions