*a straight banger i think will be soon recorded

The Lord of Chaos is an animal off the hinges
Leaving rappers on flow induced binges/
Thinking they ringing in the New Year
Wit skills I could peep without a CD player or an iPod in ear/
I donít need to veer right or left when making 1st contact
I just have to stretch the conversation past the typical subjects/
My lines be diamonds in the mind that hasnít been mined
Your rhymes are like weak metallic ores that donít have no cores/
You canít even relax properly without feeling fear
I spit spears from my missile launcher tongue/
Bling blung your rhymes are gone like they never was their to begin with
Spit a quote so vivid youíll live it like the holodeck on Star Trek - TNG/
When this rapper attacks youíll have to evacuate the whole RAP CITY
Cuz Iím coming with more bombs than Godzilla stomping through Mount Figi/
Spark minds bring the apocalypse
When I rhyme dropping lines multiple times/
Making minds collide like planetary occurrences
More than any sword style in dominance/
Iím prominent lyrically ominous
Spitting just so carnivorous/
Emcees get slightly nervous when they heard of this
Raptor of rappers straight attack ya without the rapture/
Come at cha wit full force earthly holocaust here and now
They rather pollute cha mind with violent video games and crime/
Donít even try to drop lines that make psychology look like Iím drinking red wine
Your mind ainít even developed enough to tackle national security matters/
You rather concern your self with weak spineless topics
That havenít even made it past superficial meanings/
Now your dreaming of a fucking an R&B chick
My flows flick more lighters on than pyrotechnics/
You rappers thinking these 50 bars songs are so epic
I heard Canibus rip an 11 minute plus song with no breathes/
Thatís hip hop in the flesh cuz she ainít dead yet
She just ainít being fucked right like Pharoehe Monch once said/

This is hip hopÖÖainít deadÖÖÖ.
Itís just she ainít been getting done rightÖ..