It doesn't matter how many songs LL makes that are political or attack society's ills people will continue to say everytime he has a joint in that vein it's new for him and continuing that tradition check this piece below in regards to his song addressed to the upcoming outgoing (wishful thinking?) president

For the last couple years LL Cool J was known more for taking shots at the president of his label than the President of the United States. Having set aside is disdain for Jay-Z, LL is taking a rare political stance on at least one of the tracks from his upcoming album Exit 13. During a recent listening party LL explained his reasoning for recording "Mr. President."

"It's all about what I'd like to ask [him]," LL tells the New York Daily News. "Tell me how to set up [a meeting] with him, and I would be there in a heartbeat."

On previous albums the man whose name stands for Ladies Love Cool James has typically catered to females while reserving his harshest bars for rival emcees. But "Mr. President" finds LL in a totally different mode.

"Mr. President, are you aware/our flesh and blood is dying over there/when the coffins come back, do you care/when only the poor kids die, is it fair/Don't get me wrong I respect the flag/but it hurts to see a kid in a body bag/he fought for his country with all he had/now we have a family without a dad..."

Exit 13 has been scheduled for a Sept. 9 release date. The veteran rapper/actor says he turned down numerous movie roles to fine tune the album, and despite his acting and fashion designing, LL says he has no plans on permanently hanging up his mic.

"It's funny because hip hoppers age in dog-years," adds Cool J. "But I'm still young for a human, even though I'm a granddad of the rap game."