Infinite armory magnum 4-5ís to nine lives like a cats is my mines
Laid in fields some try to yield didnít know limbs would go/
Opposite drops be grenades and pine cone explosives
Description note packets explosive talismans be how ninjas roll/
Nuke eím small pox opposite drops lock picks EMP dropped charges
At depth few couldnít warrant so we drop zone AK-47 they homes/
Brain roasting acid flaccid hypnotic climatic traction be our ways n actions
Fake cash be infecting emcees with the hoe virus/
Making their bottle water an agent of destruction sterilizing sperm counts
Population determinant now we genderificate each other/
Shots from the missile launcher hold cha contra
Iím drop down with blow darts and toxic snot/
Robust Smith-n-Wesson shop cold crushes Serbian military
Tanks to hummers and desert sand rovers to robotic arms with bold shoulders/
Launch multiple rounds with voice command sounds
Hand print clutch grip Judge Dreed used kid/
Battering ram swat team camouflage
Accurate darts be string latent sparks/
Setting off the billboard charts, soundscan and those on Noahís arc
My flow is a whirlwind natural disaster hurricane Gwendolyn
Spitting highly toxic balls swinging on the pendulum/
New millennium Noob-Sailbot rocking spots harder than concrete rocks
Mortal Kombat wreck shop Street Fighter non too brighter Tekken Akira blend in
When itís time to send in Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King with a pen/
Whether you dealing with an AR-15 or typical hunting rifles
I got swords across the board how the hell can yíall be bored/
You can play Toy Soldiers all morning if you want
Or you can strap up arms welcome to weapon world/

Welcome to weapon world
Get cha bio-mechanical fix
On all the latest toys and hat tricks
Clips, gats, grenades n ships


bio/chemical gasses, fuck it, use nukes to destroy the masses
take advantage of anatomy you learned in biology classes
C-4, manure truck, amonium nitrate for exorbitant bombers
unexploded landmines make short limbs of inquisitive farmers
a vehicle named Bradley will chew up your average humvee
Just like An RPG will make quick work against a Desert E
Shotgun blasts two forty fives AK forty seven, nines
Mac 11 Tech nine three fifty seven you aught nine lives
German Luger twenty two bazooka joe verse big league chew
"I come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass"
You thought I was through?
There's not even a scale to rate the measure of the pain and hate
the fury inside perpetrated by voices that were innundated
spread throughout the cranium and blossomed like geraniums
dead on any terrain a phyllum deserving of insane asylum

"and I'm all out of bubblegum"
I'll fucking gnaw your ear off though like Tyson did to Evander Ho-
LEEEEEEEEYYYYYY Fucking shitfield YO ,Call your Mommy, Call the PO PO
Call some bitch who cares you dumb ho, just DIIIIIIIIIIE slow,
suck the life outta you
A crazy ass redneck, ain't shit his wife wouldn't do
Perpetrating madness, disillusioned to any sadness
the epitomy of apathy

Just dirt


The Badest

He is a weapon now
this world is filled with stones and sticks
and when he doesn't have no clips
he has his shank, his leg, his fist