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Thread: Hell's Kitchen

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    Default Hell's Kitchen

    Fuck you work? I blast dishes in Hell's Kitchen
    Fast switchin' places, platin' delicious taste is
    Too easy for me, please B...I'm fluently fresh
    Taste the best, Southern NH has to offer
    Marsala, chicken cabonara, piccata
    Claw chowdah? Maybe mahi or swordfish?
    Flava be hardly a word bitch
    Like I said, fuck you work?
    High pressure stress, everything made fresh
    That day, in and out...over and again
    Can you make caesar witout writ of a pen?
    Or shepard's pie to spec, managers check
    Every speck, every spot...like food cops
    I drop illest shit on a platter, never crude splatter
    Presentation is on point, call it T-Bone's...you "like this joint"
    How quaint...you work at Applebee's...fact'll be
    They microwave everything, surprised?
    No lies, I flies fastly bastardly hungover
    Slung lower, I still shoulder the industrie's best
    Finnickly blessed to pefection, my food game is a blessin'
    Fuck you work? Construction you fuckin' your back daily
    Crazed way'll be...you lose work economicly
    Commonly, people'll always eat...I take the hot seat
    The hot grill, fill your faces and ask how the place is
    Is it too hot or too cold? Care for more rolls?
    Another beer? No, how bout this here...

    Fuck you work, jerk I lurch perched atop a tightrope
    Don't perform, you slight cope...get fired, never tire
    I live for HIGH PRESSURE, stress ya best fuck a TV show
    I KNOW Hell's Kitchen, so quit yer bitchin'
    I live this condition so get back to washin' my fuckin' dishes

    T-Bone's in Derry NH....5 star chefs have come through and couldn't handle what we do. Fact. Fuck that homo TV show...I live this shit daily and you'll never catch me crying about it.

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    Dope concepts and the wordplay was Aplus!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    keep up with that original shit acid...the game needs more of it
    Bank heist in Kathmandu, it was a slaughter
    The day Buddha was born it rained tea instead of water

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