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Thread: 10 Little Known Facts About You

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    Quote Originally Posted by JehovAllah View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post

    You just got Gavinated, post a picture of bread or a dillusional looking child molester willoffer you bread in your dreams
    Quote Originally Posted by TSA View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Professor Poopsnagle View Post

    nah we had fun



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    1. i can hold my breath underwater for almost 2 mins. it used to be much longer but i started smoking.
    2. my dick is freakishly long
    3. i haven't stopped growing yet. i might end up being 6'10" when i die. i grew 1/2" in the past 6 years.
    4. i dont think anything major will happen on 12/21/12 unless its man made.
    5. i have witnessed ufos on a regular consistent basis and have videoed 3 ufos in clear daylight. i dont share them cause idgaf if you believe me or not.
    6. im getting back into skateboarding again. mostly from teaching my son to skate. been hitting the local skatepark up alot.
    7. QOP is fine than a mf. and her body....GATDAMN!!!!
    8. i have a serious crystal collection. maybe i'll post pics. i carry a small velvet pouch of various crystals. i switch up the crystals in the pouch depending on what i'm going to do that day.
    9. much of the things that i believed in 4 years ago i think is complete bullshit.
    10. i wish they would make more Star Wars movies.

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    1) I own a bulldog
    2) I have my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and plan to get my purple by X-Mas
    3) I have a vast collection of Bruce Lee memorabelia, from framed paintings, to action figures, t-shirts, to playing cards and a 1000 pc. puzzle.
    4) I have a collection of 100+ kung-fu flicks
    5) The Departed is my fav film of all-time
    6) I share the same b-day as Arnold Shwartzennegar
    7) Ribs, Shawarma, and Sheppards pie are my 3 fav foods I could eat the rest of my life without getting tired of.....ever
    8) I follow sports religiously including boxing and MMA, and I have 2 fav teams for each sport in case one of them is playing like ball-sac......they are as follows: NHL: NY Rangers, OTT Senators, NBA: LA Lakers, MIA Heat, NFL: BAL Ravens, OAK raiders, MLB: TOR Blue Jays, NY Yankees
    9) People say I look like Mark Wahlberg........I don't see it at all......
    10) I mostly listen to heavy metal; I used to be heavy into rap, but now with the odd exception of old school Ice Cube or Nas or sumthin, I basically only listen to Wu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatal Guillotine View Post
    list 10 little know facts about you

    1.) I hate sacrastic people
    2.) Im Ambidextrous
    3.) I have a crush on Blackula
    4.) I only were solid color tennis shoes
    5.) I listen to old school R&B
    6.) I hate people who kiss ass
    7.) I own two dogs both chihuahuas
    8.) i have a birthmark on my middle finger
    9.) Me and Lil' Wayne unfortunately share the same birthday (September 27th)
    10.) i dont listen to the radio
    This explains alot

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    1. i'm just as righteous as i'm unrighteous

    2. i'm a nonviolent violent person

    3. i love lucy

    4. i'm a wall flower because i'm the greatest dancer in the world

    5. i'm a beat box master

    6. i'm a very intimidating nice guy

    7. i got big ass feet

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