... I have to confess something that has been buggin me for a while now ....

I have been getting PM's from Robert for about two months now... all the PM's consist of him asking me for advice on real life situations but mostly girls. I have been chuckling at these pm's for a while they all seem laughable and a bit entertaining. I have been going along with them and been giving him advice on how to approach girls. There's this one particular girl whom he supposedly told me is 16yrs old O_o ... He has been kind of infatuated with. I told him to just leave her alone and maybe wait till she was 18, but I guess his infatuation with the little girl is turning into a obsession so much so that he's telling me in full detail about what he does at night when he thinks about her. I don't wanna give out too much but here's one of the pm's he's been giving me ... I kind of ROFL!!!!!!!!'d at .... this shit had me in tears i found it so funny .. and I know this dudes gonna be so furious with me but Hey fuck you Rob ... I don't know you....

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And here it is, fuck this is gonna make me look like a serial rapist/pedophile. Hahahaha!

Hi Blackula,

This might seem kind of weird but you seem like a nice , down-to-earth girl. I was wondering if you could give me some advice about women? I've been noticing this girl on my weekly paper route. She's nice looking, dark skinned, with a big booty. Anyway I want to approach her but don't know how. Sometimes I leave her house till last on my run and hide in her garden waiting to catch a glimpse of her. I think she saw me once.

This is beside the point, I really like this girl. I've been obsessing over her for weeks. I won't lie, I'm a little intimidated by black people. We don't see too many over here in Perth. I probably see more kangaroos then black women. How can I start a conversation with her??

If I don't do something soon I feel like I could do something crazy. You feel me?

I have a photo of her on my bedroom wall and I have the best orgasms over it. I even broke my foreskin once.

Please help me. Oh, and I like your noods .

btw rob sorryyyy.