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Thread: Fakes Get On My Nerves GNC STYLE

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    Default Fakes Get On My Nerves GNC STYLE

    Mic Flow High Pro Bull Cronstrict a Tight Pro I Might Blow Air That Can Make Ya Sight Go

    Eyes Swell To The Size Of Whole Mice Bro Im Nice Thou Total Plasmic Atmophere Realesed Thru My Mouth Like Ass Gas's

    Go Ahead And Match Us If You The Baddest I Could Shatter Ya Frame Wit Glass Fist

    Got Guns Go Ahead And Blast Kid Bullets Bounce Off My Chest Like You Tossed Them At A Mattress

    Get Ya Ass Kick Total Lashes Equal The Numbers Totaled In Ya Address

    I Strike Like Matches Wit Da Force Of Paul Bunyans Hatchet The Fastest To Put Death To Masses

    Destroy A Cell On My Body It'll Reproduce Faster Than Rabbits

    My Aims Inpecable Fuck The Wesson Tho Hit The Hearts Of Ya Team Like David Did To Goliths Home

    The Riot Zone With A Mind So Deep Its Studied In Science Books

    Yall Rep The Fake My Brains So Big Im Waitin For My Neck Ta Brake

    Get Set Ta Shake Lessons Crack The Surface Earth Quake Is Great

    Mach Speed Running Nock Kneed My Breed Came In Twos On Noahs Ark Free

    With The Sight Like Hawks See Fakes Better Wake The Fuck Up Like You Was Drankin Coffee

    Im Brakin Softies Seprarate Ya Body Like Droppin Heath Toffee

    Eat A Emcee Faster Than A Pack Of Smarties Low Range Hit Wit Blows Line You Up Like Cocaine

    No Shame My Whole Game Is Based On The Fact That Ya Ryhmes Has No Aim

    I Get The Best Of Them Son Of The Angels Born A Nephelem

    Testin Men Wit Challenges Hurcules Wouldnt Mess With Them

    The Strenght Of Samson Standing Between Pillars Of Granite

    Make The World Panic Flows Would Make The Titanic Surface Dammit

    Compress Frames Injest Lames Ever Hear The Sound Ya Chest Makes Supressed In

    Sounds Like A Hundred Feet Stompin On Intestines

    Voice So Sick I'll Infect Ya Complexion Whites Dudes Become Black In A Matter Of Seconds

    You A Emcee I'll Split Ya Body In Half Than Walk Thru Ya Like The Red Sea

    Look At Ya Mans Thru The Mess Than Watch Him Respect Me

    Look At The Next Man And Watch Him Be Freindly Like Freinds Be

    The Cronic Doom Skilled Enough To Ride On A Sonic Boom

    Spred My Arms On It Like A Artic Loon Arch My Wings Like Falcons Do

    Watch My Air Press Swing My Fist To Ya Bare Chest

    Now Watch Ya Bare Flesh Hit You Like Guns Cant Give The Man Behind You A Lung Transplant

    Im Gung Ho In The Booth Watch How My Toungue Go Movin Faster Than A Twitch In Ya Muscle

    So Many Fakes So You'll Die If You Lie Leave You Like 3rd World Children Wit A Fly To Ya Eye

    Im Pacing Da Globe Invading Ya Homes Look For A Challenge I Have The Patcience Of Joab

    WHERES DA CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Fakes Get On My Nerves GNC STYLE

    I suppose you were busting.

    PS: Keep posting

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