To be continued,

*With the 2 doctors now dead, the super-textcee demon escaped the surgery room...
Vanishing into the Arctic snow, he was on an slaughter mission.............."

Earlier, (12:18 AM)
The new-born text demon, ripped in my guts searchin for life like the parasites in mere cattles.
With one stroke, my grey matter scattered back to one piece as it once gathered …….
The Demon mastered my thoughts and enslaved my brain patterns,
My last breath steered back in my lungs; "Use these verbal spears for a real battle!"
My fears swelled as my eardrums popped; Senses expand as I could hear pin drops,
Reflectin on past life, the demon new my childhood from the start…….
I thought "Dear hell, im being assassinated by my own mirror self"!
I felt my ears melt, back to flesh as horror juiced my eyes, and tears fell. …….
I slipped into a black dimension, with no bat or weapon to react at this henchmen....
Unfazed, he finally let go of my throat, began screaming my own quotes, in reverse though!

Run doctor! before he catches us all!" So I slammed the drones head with a glass ball!
I looked to the floor to find shards of his slashed gull, he said "UHH, this is my last fall....
With one swift toss he impaled Dr. Shleinhoff with a scalpel which pinned him to the wall.....
Scared stiff, as horror fables began to untie.... "DAMN, run and hide! " …….
"SHLEINHOFF! What have you done!" but his voice was currently unable to reply...
he looked at the phone and ripped out the emergency cable, urgently able,
All of a sudden he snapped, in a fit of rage flipping back the surgery table........................

Earlier, (12:03 AM)/

I was scared of this emcee vandal, his limits were fucking intangible!
His voice sounded mechanical and he seemed as though his instinct were purely animal..........
The drone stood up and said his new name was Rekween, and that we had made an awesome travesty!
His retina was red... I began to think Shleinhoff was mistaken thinking he could raise this guy from his grave dream...
Amazing! the patient had already awaken and his appendiges were shaking.....
"Its all over... we did it."..... but then sounds of rustling started raising.....
He lay recooperating, while us doctors sucked on a champagne spring..........
Me and Shleinhoff were in deep, trying to make this super textcee; his body was like a hoover, left the IV empty !
What was done was done, past the point of no return.. I couldnt just fold and turn towards the golden world!
"Hes sure to go crazy from this concentrated textcee grazy! we should have waited till he was at least the age of grade 3" !
Large bumps formed on his forehead as his cranium sucked in the extractions of my urinal......
Purple veins bulged from his forearms like a coke addict off of 4 bars of pure snow...............
As the liquid released the victim shook in sequence to the pumping, soon his legs were thumping...
I hooked the IV to the glistening metallic needle, and stuck the sharp end up his pee-hole......
"Forget waiting to see if he can withtake it, I wanna blaze this patient with some fragrance!"
I grabbed the IV bag full of brain power, stained a milky yellow hue, and sustained a shower of restraints...
I wanna trade with this bitches place, then at least i wont feel like a mixed bag of sick stagnance..."
"Jesus, you dickface... You didnt tell me the scar would leave such a thick trace!

*K. Vorkian passes out from the extraction, and awakens right before the drone is to be injected*

Earlier, (11:30 AM)
Dont stab me so bad!... The tube is already in my bloodstream you hoe-bag!"
This clone dont deserve my vocab, hed be lost tryin to use it to throw jabs... hes a nomad!
Why are we doing this anyway?! AUGGHHH, i can feel my skills draining, stop the pain!
"Damn it Shleinhoff! I feel like there is lightning in my veins! tightening up my brain..

-Dr. Shleinhoff

Earlier, (11:20 AM)
And that it did - Once again, Dr. Sleinhoff and K. Vorkian were friends and best of kin...
I inserted tha electonic device in which should wake him up to liven once again
Wit exact precision i tranferred his emcee status so no more rhymes could ever be heard
Booted K.vorkian’s main-frame to Level 0 and began tha emcee extraction
My heart was no longer battle tactics now absorbed and dart-less
I woke up and my mind was empty of rhymin' vocab, just complete darkness
After tha procedure was finished no more were left saved
Each step was recorded onto our historic experimentation booklet of 250 blank pages
But such super-powers cannot be concieved for not even my reality can be conceived
Optic lenses became enflamed with impulses to blast optic beams
Of versatility, tha shock waves brought full-flextion and torment to tha muscles of my neck
Spirals of dark-tunnels rounded by cerebral cortex and absorbed my virtual vortex
This faze brought an unusual pain, such that would inflict a mortal with life of insane membranes
Inside my brain it was a experience that normal brain-waves could not contain
Drained all it's remains into tha faint stage in which this experiment will become tha ultimate BATTLE-MAGE
He inserted tha IV and retracted my MC-SELF-CONSCIOUS
Bent over – Dr. K. Vorkian revealed my brain cells - then un-plugged my survival system so i was no longer alive
In our throats we hymed...Released the glass-coating and grappled the carving-knives
Optics view tha table in which to operate on - then on we walked in
Gas-masks, suckin' on oxygen, bought 'em at a futuristic Mars auction
Cloaked ourselves in protective-space-coats and launched ourselves to our portable space station
The idea was so beyond belief, that we both rolled up our sleeves and began the transformation
"I got a human test-tube for an morph him into a SUPER-EMCEE-BEAST"
Topped wit chopped bodily tissue samples a true scientific madman slash cannibal
Flipped his spoon, interupptin' his corrupted feast:
Reached tha main hall, tha 5th Sector, where Dr.K.Vorkian was eatin' his Vector
Thru time, i constructed an unmatchable shine so devine it broke thru galatic lines
Unsheathed my electonic-device and notebook and recited a mastery of a classic rhyme
Threw out my lunch-sac, swallowed an entire case of tic-tacs and transformed into a sick mood
Bust thru tha laboratory doors pronouncin' "Dr. K-Vorkian i got a human test-tube!"

*r. Sleinhoff re-tracks his steps and locates the secret lab...**

>>Location: Undisclosed Laboratory In Iceland
>>Objective: To create the illest textcee
>>Scientists: Dr. K.Vorkian and Dr. Shleinhoff

The Beginning Of The End Begins………………………