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Thread: Is Sunny Winters A Racist ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slang Gargoyle View Post
    LMAO at the NGE being the base of WU.

    they were making a mockery of the 120 and the organization.

    Wu capitalized off the Nation like the Jonas Brothers are doing with Christianity.
    as much as some might not want to admit it, this is 2true...
    weep for lost babylon,
    the bleeding god, the forgotten sheep slaughtered in a forest of evil fog
    bordered by a sea of faults,
    fleeing mobs turn to see the holocaust and become kings and queens of salt
    screaming shots, police and chalk,
    wingless fallen demons walking among us as people...


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    Quote Originally Posted by bateman. View Post

    There are some racist white dudes here, but a lot of them aren't being serious a lot of the time. Some times, they are.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robbie Sinclair View Post
    There is a reason he can't show his face to the forum.

    majority of this site is white -
    there are like 2 females here

    why would i want to share my pictures - lmao

    you are the only one stressing this - dam - you've been stressing to see pics of my chest and dick for a while now - lmao @ robbie craving for penis pics

    Quote Originally Posted by ALCATRAZ View Post
    lol its funny when a white person cracks a black joke in front of black people they act like they just put their head inside a alligators mouth and survived without gettin their head chomped off.... thats the look they have on their face when their black jokes go over well in front of black people lolol
    coons love to be loved by white people who do that shit

    Quote Originally Posted by Robbie Sinclair View Post

    Anyone remember when some real N.G.E. members (not the fake internet Sunny Winters kind) came to this forum a while back condemning every Wu member for their activities and lives they lead, and explaining how they were making a mockery of the 120 and the organization.
    yeah i remember mcnasty coming here not knowing the difference between knowledge seed and understanding seed - i had to school him - took like 3 threads to accomplish this - yall should just take my word and follow fuckin orders and all of this would be over real quick - i sparked the braincells of many so called N.G.E. members on them bronx park benches

    who the hell are you robbie ?

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