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Thread: The official Pro Wrestling thread.

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    hahaha I remember that when Booker said that

    I wish there still was a wcw and ecw then the wwe would not put rubbish out

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    skip to about 1:50

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    i heard that tajiri is in talks with the wwe to return as a ecw superstar

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    I am posted up watching TNA Impact and I just saw this fine ass mami Salinas... I had to youtube her. DAMN!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allahs_Disciple View Post
    i heard that tajiri is in talks with the wwe to return as a ecw superstar
    I hope so I loved tajiri

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    Quote Originally Posted by InspectahChek View Post
    I am posted up watching TNA Impact and I just saw this fine ass mami Salinas... I had to youtube her. DAMN!!

    hell yeah shelly martinez is hot.

    her tits fake shes still hot

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    anybody ever heard of dragon kid?

    (part 1/2)
    (part 2/2)

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    here's the results for tnas ppv taken from angrymarks.com

    Written by Killa Kev

    TNA Wrestling's Hard Justice PPV Recap
    We start Hard Justice tonight with Leticia intercepting Sting in the parking lot, asking why he's here, what' his involvement has been over the last several weeks, etc etc. Sting answers no questions and goes inside. F.I.L.T.H.E.E., Grandmaster Kaz and Mellie-Mel then walks into the arena and starts rapping the TNA Hard Justice PPV theme "AyeAyeAye". We're live in Trenton, NJ tonight, shout out to "the Sexiest Voice in Internet Podcastery" Dani D'Adamo, who is live in attendance tonight. Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the Garden State, and immediately start speculating on why Sting is here. Don west then goes into the rundown for tonight's card.
    TNA X Division Championship: champion Petey Williams (w/ Rhaka Kahn) vs. Consequences Creed
    Consequences Creed won this title shot in a three-way match on TNA Impact a week ago, it was a good match, not the usual clusterfuck that has become the signature style of the X Division. Slick Johnson holds up the belt after the introductions are made. We get a bell, Rhaka Kahn gets on the apron to try to distract. Creed with a side headlock, Williams shoves him off, Creed recovers and applies a front facelock. Williams tries to roll out, Creed holds on, Williams escapes bounces off the ropes, armdrags by Creed, elbow drop to the back of Williams, cover, two-count. Creed puts Williams in a fireman's carry, Williams with an armdrag, tries for the Canadian Destroyer, Cree escapes, pin attempt by Williams. Creed stands up and shoves Williams off, Williams goes to the ropes. Creed with the gorilla press slam, drops Williams and nails him in the guts with his knees. Williams rolls out, Creed with a swanton over the top rope onto Williams, Creed cracks his head on the apron, Williams cracks his head on the ring barrier. Creed recovers, tries to pick up Williams for a powerbomb on the outside, Williams grabs the ropes and kicks Creed, rolls into the ring to break the count, and goes back out to get Creed.
    Williams with a pin attempt on Creed after throwing him back in the ring. Williams pulls up Creed by his 'fro, Creed with left and right jabs, winds up, does the splits, and Williams just makes him pay for it by dropkicking Creed in his head. Williams shows off with a push-up or two. Fans are starting dueling chants of "CREED! CREED!" and "PE-TEY! PE-TEY!". Creed runs out of the ring, Williams follows up with a leap over the top rope into a huracanrana on the floor. Williams rolls Creed back in the ring, tries to headbutt him on the turnbuckle, Creed fights him off, double-leg takedown, flips into a pin attempt, two-count. Williams with a drop toehold on the middle rope, followed by the hesitation dropkick to the back of Creed's head. Williams tries to pick up Creed, Creed shoves him off, Williams with an eyerake, Creed is blinded. Creed blindly swings as Williams sidesteps it. Williams throws Creed chest-first into the corner, goes to bounce off the ropes for a bulldog, Cree with a blind superkick out of nowhere to even the odds.
    Both men scramble up, trade forearm shots with each other, they're stiffing it for sure! Creed gets the upper hand, whips Williams into the corner, Williams reverses, hits a lariat, tries for another but Creed answers with a pair of lariats of his own, rushes Williams in the corner, Williams lifts him over the ropes, Creed grabs the ropes and holds on, then springboards back in, wind up punch, splits, comes back up and delivers a KO punch to Williams! Creed covers, 1.. 2... kickout! Creed picks up Williams by his legs, tries to slignshot him, Williams grabs Creed's head on the way over and converts it into a DDT! Williams calls for the Canadian Destroyer, tries to execute, Creed rolls out, Williams catches him with a jawbreaker, Creed no-sells it and hits Williams with a clothesline. Williams rolls out to the apron, Creed charges, Williams witha shoulderblock, tries to slingshot in, Creed catches him in a fireman's carry, drops him, cover, two-count. Creed tries for a crucifix, Williams drops him on his head, cover, two-count. Creed with a enziguri, Williams is barely fazed as Williams flips Creed over and locks on a Sharpshooter. Creed crawls to the ropes, almost gets it, Williams snatches up Creed's arm to try to stop him, but Creed overpowers and grabs the ropes - fans are BOOING creed! Fans are chanting for Petey Williams. Amazing.
    Williams slaps Creed in the face, poses for the fans, another slap, Creed on his knees, knife-edge chop to Creed's chest, another one, Creed demands another one! Williams delivers it, and Creed is hulking up, "is that all you got, punk?" Williams clotheslines Creed, another no-sell. Creed with a release-suplex, puts Williams in the corner, delivers a Superman Punch, a high knee to the head, and the Creed-DT! Creed goes to the top turnbuckle, flies with the legdrop and nails it, covers, hooks the leg... 1... 2... KICKOUT! Rhaka Kahn gets on the apron, gets in the ring, tries to slap Creed, he puts her on his shoulders and delivers a F-5! Williams rushes Creed from behind, tries for the Canadian Destroyer, but Creed blocks it, drops Williams on his head from behind, reaches back to hook the legs, but Williams kicks out.
    Sheek Bashir walks down to the ring, Creed bounces off the ropes, Bashir hits him in the back with something. Williams picks up Creed's body, delivers the Canadian Destroyer, and we're done!
    WINNER: Petey Williams, by pinfall. This was a good match, the run-in was kinda out of place, but who knows what statement they're trying to make with Shawn Daivari. Well, we're about to find out, he gets in the ring with a mic and demands a cmeara man gets in the ring, demands the camera be aimed at Creed's body. "Red. White. Blue. Battered. Broken. This is a perfect example of the American Dream! You want to be the American Dream? You were just destroyed by the Middle Eastern Nightmare!" Petey Williams and Rhaka Kahn look on, not sure what to make of it, then depart the arena. Bashir throws down the mic and walks off.
    Backstage Jeremy Borash interviews Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash. JB asks Samoa Joe if Sting's presence is going to be a distraction. Joe says he's more focused than he's ever been, and now that Sting is here, Joe knows what he needs to do. He tells Sting he doesn't give a damn about whatever issues Sting has, he now has an issue with Joe. Nash stands up and tells Joe to think things out, tonight Joe has to focus on Booker T. If Joe trusts that Kevin Nash has his back, he'll go talk to Sting right now and Nash promises that Sting will not be at ringside. Nash leaves, Joe says that he's right, he's got to focus on Booker T tonight. Samoa Joe says he's taking his belt back tonight and proving he's not just a paper champion or some indie worker, but he's the TNA Champion.
    TNA Women's Champion Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim & ODB vs. The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Angelina Love) & Awesome Kong (w/ Raisha Saied)
    Special guest referee Traci Brooks makes her way out first, the Beautiful People are introduced next, followed by Kong & Saied, ODB, Gail Kim and Taylor Wilde (all individually). While I'm waiting to get this started, I get a call from Stevie J and Lady J making sure I'm covering this shit, they're on the road home from an AWESOME UFC 87 PPV. Velvet Sky and ODB are going to start it off, but Love thinks ODB stinks and has to spray her down with some perfume. ODB clotheslines Sky, picks up the purfume and sniffs it a few times, SPRAYS IT ON HER CROTCH AND ASS! Nice. She throws the bottle at Angelina Love, tags in Gail Kim. Kim with forearm shots on Sky, throws her in the corner, lariat, whips off the ropes, reversal, Kim take the top turnbuckle, grabs Sky's head, rolls her over into a pin attempt. Kim with an armdrag on Skye off the top turnbuckle, Angelia Love tags in, Kim puts an armdrag and armbar on her, tags in Taylor Wilde. Love slaps the taste out of Wilde's face a few times, Wild with some forearm shivers, whips Love off the ropes, reversal, Wilde floats over, armdrag, dropkick, Love scrambles to her corner for a break.
    Awesome Kong is starying down Taylor Wilde like a piece of meat, Love tags her in, Kong rushes, Wilde ducks a clothesline, kicks her legs, tries for a clothesline of her own and Kong knocks her down. Wilde tags to Kim, tries a rapid-fire offense and a cross body block, Kong throws her aside. ODB tags in, and tries big overhand chops on Kong's chest, bounces off the ropes, Kong knocks her down with a clothesline. ODB scrambles to a corner and holds her titties. Wilde and Kim get in the ring and double team Kong, whip her off the ropes, Kong takes them down with a double clothesline of her own. ODB is back with the slaps to the chest, tries to whip her off, Kong reverses it, ODB grabs the ropes, Kimg ducks behind Kong, Wilde with a dropkick and Kong falls over Kimg. Kong tries to rush them both, they pull down the top rope and Kong falls to the outside.
    Kong tries to get back in the ring, ODB cuts her off and clubs her in the back a dozen times, bounces off the ropes, Raeisha Saied trips her. Kong pulls up ODB by the hair while Traci Brooks goes out of the ring and throws Saied out of the arena. Kong is having her unfettered way with ODB, but tosses her aside after she realizes that Brooks just tossed her manager out. ODB catches Kong from behind, spits some booze in her face, which only pisses Kong off. Kong throws her in the corner, the Beautiful People hold her, Kong with a giant smash, tags in Velvet Sky, covers ODB, two-count. Sky with an octopus-style abdominal stretch. HOLY SHIT SKY JUST FLASH YER COOZE WHYDONTCHA? Sheesh, that's a bit graphic, not that I'm complaining. Sky tags in Love, ODB scrambles and tag in Kim, they trade blows and shit, it's clusterfuck wrestling right now, Kim tries to go to the top turnbuckle, Love knocks her off, then kicks her from the apron onto the ring barrier. Love gets out to throw Kail back in, rolls back in herself, elbow drop on Kim, cover, two count.
    Love grabs Kim by her hair and tries to choke her with it, Traci Brooks warns Love to not do it again, they get in each other's faces. Love mounts Kim and starts punching her in the face and ch oking her. Brooks physically pulls Love off of Kim and they are back in each other's face. Love gives a finger poke or two to Brooks, returns to Kim, throws her hard into the corner and then stomps a mudhole in her guts, finishes off with a choke by the boots. Brooks pulls Love off again, love with a shove-off or two on Brooks, Brooks shoves back, Kim tags in Taylor Wilde, who runs roughshod over Love with some clotheslines, dropkick to Velvet Sky, tilt-awhirl slam on Love, cover, broken up by Awesome Kong. Kong picks up Wilde for a powerbomb, Kim runs in, leaps off of Wilde's back and hits a dropkick, Kong with a chop to the shoulders, everybody's in the ring now fighting. Kim and Kong go outside to brawl, Kong throws Kim into the barrier and then chokes her. in the ring, Angelina Love just hits a vicious dropkick to the face on Taylor Wilde. Kong puts Kim on the ringpost, charges with a clothesline, Kim moves and Kong hits the ringpost - OUCH! in the ring, Love tries for a suplex, but Taylor Wilde rolls through, rolls up Love and hooks the legs for the pin.
    WINNERS: Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim & ODB. Half this match was good, half of it was a clusterfuck. We go backstage with Leticia and Team 3D, who are apparently going to visit Sting. Brother Ray tells Leticia to just shut up and follow them. They climb into the rafters, and Brother Ray suddenly starts getting sick, Leticia laughs at him being afraid of heights. Brother Ray shakes it off, calls out to Sting and says that Team 3D has his back. Brother Devon says that they're behind him 110% for whatever he wants to do. Ray says that Sting can feel free to interfere in their match tonight, because they got each other's back. Ray says that they're leaving now because Devon is afraid of the dark. Devon tries to deny it, Leticia hollars out "BOO!" and Devon about jumps out of his skin. Leticia laughs at them as we go into promos for the other matches tonight.
    TNA Tag Team Championship: champions Latin American Xchange (Homicide & Hernandez, w/ Selinas & Hector Guerrero) vs. Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode & "Cowboy" James Strom, w/ Jacquelin)
    Jacquelin, Miss Texas, Jackie Moore, will TNA PLEASE make up their mind what they're going to call my future ex-wife? Beer Money hit the ring, LAX c ome out next, F.I.L.T.H.E.E. comes out with them to rap LAX's new theme song. Hernandez goes to the outside and attacks James Storm, whips him around, Homicide does the same with Robert Roode. We finally get Roode and Homicide in the ring to start the match, dropkick by Homicide on Roode, Hernandez gets in, they whip him into the opposite corner, laria by Hernandez, followed by a big shoulderblock. Hernandez catapults Roode into Homicide's clothesline, followed by the Drive-By. Strong gets in and Homicide nails him with a swinging neckbreaker, Hernandez follows up with an elevated delayed suplex. Roode gets on the apron, Homicide knocks him off, Hernandez is STILL holding that suplex, Storm was up there a good 45 second before Hernandez drops it.
    Storm tries to crawl off for a tag, Homicide snatches him by the hair, nails a butterfly suplex, cover, two-count as Homicide pulls him up early. Homicide tags in hernandez, then grabs Storm by the hair, runs him over to his corner and throws Storm head-first into Roode, knocking them both to the floor. Himicide tries to go for the baseball slide, Roode pulls him out, him and Storm clotheslines him from the front and the back, but Hernandez leaps over the top rope and takes them all out. Homicide recovers, throws Roode into the ring, whips him off the ropes, double-arm suplex into a pin attempt by Homicide, but Homicide again pulls him up, wanting to lay in more punishment. Roode is thrown into the corner, Jackie Moore gets on the apron to distract the ref. James Storm spits in Homicide's eye to blind him, Roode goes for a quick pin.
    Roode pulls off Homicide's shirt, rakes the back, tags in Storm and they double-team Homicide, ending with Roode hitting a snap mare on Homicide. Storm with a quick pin attempt, Storm pulls off Homicide's bandage and starts raking his injured eye. Storm puts Homicide on the middle rope and chokes him, referee pulsl him off, Robert Roode comes over and gouges the ey as Homicide screams "My eyes! My eyes!" Roode tags in, chops on Homicide, whips him off the ropes and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker over the knee, Roode with a pin attempt. Roode pulls up Homicide, whips him to a corner, charges, Homicide with a boot up, charges out, cross body block on Roode, two-count, Roode nails Homicide in the gut, runs over and knocks Hernandez off the mat, tags in Storm. Storm with a choke, tags in Roode, they execute a double-team suplex and then they gloat in the ring.
    Roode does a Ric Flair style strut to fire up the crowd, Homicide getsu p, tries to fight Roode, Roode overpowers him, paintbrushes his head, front facelock and goes to his corner, tags in Storm. Storm with Homicide up on his shoulders, hangs his feet off the top rope then executes a DDT, covers, 1... 2... kickout. Storm goes into a sleeper hold in the middle of the mat on Homicide. Surprisingly no interference from Salinas or Guerrero sofar. Storm with a high kneedrop on Homicide off the ropes, covers, two-count. Storm tags in Roode, deliver a wishbone on Homicide, Roode with a reverse chinlock on Homicide. Homicide gets to his feet, elbows out, fires up with some rights, bounces off the ropes, Roode with a reverse elbow to take him back down. Roode puts Homicide in a front facelock, sets up and executes a snap suplex, ooh! he's going for the Three Amigoes, and the fans boo the piss out of Roode, who follows up with a snot rocket! What a Chris Benoit / Eddy Guerrero tribute!
    Storm tries to follow up with a frog splash, but Homicide rolls out of the way, makes the hot tag to hernandez who then cleans house, finishes with wrapping the Mexican flag around Roode's neck and whipping him across the ring. Storm is on the mat, Hernandez goes for a pin, Roode breaks it up. Roode tries a sunset fip on Hernandez back into the ring (don't ask me how he got out, we're bck to clusterfuck wrestling), Hernandez blocks it, but Storm naisl hernandez from behind, Roode with a pin attempt. They try to doubleteam him again, Hernandez clotheslines them both at the same time, tags in Homicide, Homicide goes to the top turnbuckle, he flips them both off, naisl a dropkick on the both of them. hernandez goes outside after Roode Homicide with a snap suplex on Storm, goes to the top turnbuckle, Jackie gets on the apron to block it, Homicide kicks her down, nails a frog splash, covers, but Storm kicks out.
    Roode gets in and attacks Homicide, Hernandez follows up and takes them out again, Storm takes a Gringo Killer by Homicide on Storm, Beer Money rolls out. Homicide and Hernandez then start arguing with each other, Homicide shoves Hernandez, then points to himself... Hernandez picks up Homicide and uses his body as a weapon, executing a Border Toss on Homicide over the top rope, hurling him into Beer Money on the floor! Jackie and Salinas start brawling at ringside. James Storm has recovered in the ring, gets the upper hand on Storm, goes for the Gringo Killer, Robert Roode runs in with the beer botltle while the ref is outside taking care of the brawl, Roode smashes the bottle into Homicide's injured eye, Storm covers for the pin.
    WINNERS, AND NEW TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, BEER MONEY INC. Hernandez rolls in to check on Homicide, we recap the highlights then show Beer Money escaping with the belts in hand. We immediately go backstage where kevin Nash has caught up with Sting. Nash starts waxing poetic about the old days, then says that there has to be another way for Sting to accomplish what he wants, Sting says there's no other way. Sting walks off, Nash asks Sting if he can have another minute. What's this about? We'll find out soon!
    Black Tie Brawl & Chain Match: "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal (w/ SoCal Val) vs. "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt
    Apparently both men will be chained together, and they're both wearing tuxes, first to strip the other out of their tux wins, or you can pin your opponent. HOLY FUCK! Wanna talk about CREEPY? What is THIS shit? Did Ed Ferrera dream this gimmick match up? Slick Johnson pulls out the chain and tells them to hook on. Dutt rolls out of the ring and doesn't want to put the chain on. Johnson threatens to declare Lethal the winner of Dutt doesn't get in the ring and strap on the chain. Lethal gets cuffed first, Johnson puts the cuffs on Dutt, but Lethal takes his off and hooks it on the rope behind Johnson's back! Johnson starts the match and doesn't realize what Lethal has done! Dutt realizes he's caught and lethal takes advantage of the moment to beat up on Dutt, then clotheslines him with the chain. Johnson keeps trying to hook it on Lethal, Lethal keeps taking shots, finally hooks it on, Dutt realizes where the chain is, and uses it to crotch Lethal as the bell rings.
    Dutt strips Lethal's cumberbun off, then lays out Lethal with a punch to the forehead. Dutt tries to pull off off the jacket, lethal fights him. Dutt wraps the chain around his fist, tries for a fist drop, Lethal rolls out and then catches Dutt with the chain. Lethal grabs Dutt's shirt and rips it open. Lethal whips Dutt off the ropes and hits a reverse elbow, pulling him in with the chain. Lethal pulls a sleeve off, throws Dutt over the top rope, then leapfrogs over the rope with a slingshot right into Dutt. Lethal grabs another sleeve and rips it, picks up Dutt, whips him into the ring barrier, throws him into the steps, picks up Dutt but he punches Lethal in the midsection, then climbs over the barrier and tries to walk off. Lethal stands up and yanks the chain, pulling Dutt back over the barrier.
    Lethal stands Dutt up next to the ring post, then gets in the ring, goes around the post and out the other side, pinning Dutt to the ringpost! Lethal rips off Dutt's shirt, tries for a punch ot the head using the chain, Dutt is able to duck and lethal busts his knuckles on the ringpost. Dutt loosens the chain, escapes, climbs back into the ring to unwrap the chain, then starts punching lethal in the head using the chain. SoCal Val is terrified at the sight of it all. Dutt throws Lethal into the ring, whips Lethal into the corner, lethal reverses, Dutt sidesteps it, Lethal eats the buckle, but he turns around and nails Dutt to the apron, Lethal uses the chain to choke Dutt over the ropes with the chain! As the ref tries to break it, SoCal Val gets on the apron and begs Lethal to stop the insanity, lethal ignores her, SoCal Val breaks out in tears and goes to the back. Lethal tries to go after her, Dutt yanks the chain and pulls Lethal head-first into the ring post.
    Dutt takes up the slack in the chain and does it again, lethal is stunned. Dutt gets back in the ring, puts Lethal in the Tree of Woe upside-down in the corner, uses the chain to secure his feet. Dutt pulls Lethal's shirt off his back, stomps him in the head, pulls him out of the corner, mocks Lethal with the Macho Man-esque pose. Dutt throws lethal outside right in front of lethal's own family, mocks them and then chokes Lethal with the chain to draw their ire. Dutt rolls Lethal back intothe ring and tries to remove Lethal's pants. Lethal sits up and rakes Dutt's eyes, tries to bounce off the ropes, but Dutt yanks him back with the chain and delivers a clothesline. The fans start a "BOOR-ING!" chant. Dutt with a backbreaker on Lethal, leaps over the top rope, tries to springboard off the rope, but Lethal yanks the chain and pulls Dutt down from mid-air! Lethal uses the chain to whip Dutt from pillar to post, then knocks him off with a flying knee.
    Lethal tries for the Lethal Combination, Dutt blocks it, but Lethal follows up with a front-face slam, covers, two-count for Lethal. Lethal is favoring his shoulder that was rammed into the ringpost earlier. Dutt catches Lethal with a kick to the midsection, followed by a inverted DDT, covers, two-count. Dutt drags Lethal by the chain, goes to the top turnbuckle, takes up the slack in the chain, tries for the Hindu Press, Lethal rolls out of the way, pulls Dutt into a DDT, covers, two-count. Lethal mounts Dutt and lays in a few shots, tries to go to the corner, Dutt yanks the chain, Lethal returns and pounds Dutt in the face, picks him up, taunts him, and executes the Lethal Combination. Lethal goes to the top turnbuckle, goes for the elbow off the top, nails Dutt right in the chest, covers, hooks the leg, stick a fork in 'em he's done!
    WINNER: jay Lethal, by pinfall. Johnson unhooks the chain, Lethal picks up the win but apparently no longer has SoCal Val's respect. Backstage Jeremy Borash is interviewing Booker T, brings up Sting's presence. Booker T starts complaining about his locker room conditions again, but says he'll address it later. Booker T says that he knows what Sting's agenda is, they are both the crown jewels of TNA, they think alike so he knows what is on Sting's mind. Booker T then looks at the camera and tells Samoa Joe that he doesn't respect him, and neither does Sting. Booker T & Sting have paid their dues in professional wrestling to clean up the crap, and calls Samoa Joe a "backyard, trailer park wanna-be independent worker". Booker T says that he will prove why he is the REAL TNA World Heavyweight Champion.
    New Jersey Hardcore Street Fight: Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) vs. Christian Cage & Rhino
    Team 3D try to attack before the bell, but Rhino and Cage are ready for it. Rhino goes after Devon in the ring while Cage goes out to brawl with Ray. Rhino takes down Devon with a clothesline, goes for a pin, Devon rolls out and Rhino follows. Ray throws Cage into the ring, nails him in the head, bounces off the ropes and goes for a splash, Cage side steps it, Cage with some chops, goes off the ropes and a big clothesline, Christian tries again, Ray picks up Cage and throws him HIGH in the air with a back body drop. Cage rolls out, Ray follows with a street sighn, cracks him in the head with it. Rhino and Devon go into the crowd in one direction, Cage and Ray go into the crowd in another direction. They're basically brawling with whatever they can find, too hard to keep up with the action that is now split into two screens.
    Rhino is telling the fans to move as he beats up on Devon, then throws a beer on him. we switch to Cage dragging Ray into the crowd as well. Somewhere along the way Ray gets the upper hand on Cage, they're going up to the top of the arena, Devon apparently has the upper hand on Rhino as well. we switch back and see Cage throw Ray into a concrete wall at the top, Devon punches Rhino and watches him fall down the stairs. Cage apparently leaps onto Ray from the steps as well and they both tumble down. Devon punches on Rhino until they're back at ringside. Ray is choking Cage on the steps, then wraps his leg on a stair rail and wrenches it. Rhino whips Devon into a street barrier. Ray finally gets Cage back near the ring. Rhino finds a ladder and takes it to the ring. Cage has the upper hand on Ray now, throws him in the ring. Christian grabs a sign that says "Christian, use my Sign!"... and he does, nails Ray right in the head with it. \
    Rhino throws Devon in the ring, puts him in the corner, shoulder block. They double-team Ray and execute a back bodydrop, then set up and execute a double-team suplex on Devon. They curb stomp Devon in the corner, Ray takes htem both out with a road sign from behind. Ray goes outside and grabs the steel ringsteps, throws them in the ring. Devon picks it up and knocks Rhino in the head with it, Rhino rolls out, Devon follows. Ray picks up the steps, sets them up in the middle of the ring, Cage scrambles to his feet, Ray throws Cage face-first into it, lays him out on the top step, chop to the chest, Ray goes to the middle turnbuckle, Christian cuts him off, climbs up to meet him, grabs the head and throws him face-first into the steps. Devon tries to get in the ring, Cage picks up a road sign and cracks him in the head with it, then lays out Ray on the steps face-down. Cage climbs up the steps, straddles Ray's body, tries to nail him in the head with the sign, but Ray moves and Cage hurts his hand. Ray grabs Cage into a full nelson and executes a full nelson drop! Ray covers for a pin, 1... 2... KICKOUT.
    Ray picks up cage and puts him in the corner, then creams Cage with a road sign. Devon finds a construction zone barrel, the fans start chanting "WE WANT TABLES!" Rhino gets in the ring and takes Ray out, Devon clocks Rhino from behind, tries to charge Cage, but Cage puts up a stop sign, Devon stops himself, but Rhino with a GORE GORE GORE! from behind! Ray takes out Rhino, but Cage with a cross body block from the top turnbuckle on Ray, covers, two-count. Cage picks up Ray and tries for the Unprettier, but Ray powers out, picks up cage on his shoulders and executes a fallaway slam. Ray goes up to, Rhino cuts him off, Devon cuts Rhino off, but Rhino turns around and headbutts Devon's head into Ray's crotch a dozen time, covers, for a pin, two count. Both men are up, charge, they take out each other with a clothesline.
    Cage rolls back into the ring, catches Ray on the top turnubckle, climbs up, tries for the hurracanrana, but Ray grabs the legs and executes a sit-out powerbomb! Ray pulls himself up, rolls Cage over, covers, hooks the leg, gets a two count. Cage rolls out as Ray attacks Rhino with a sign. Devon rolls out looking for plunder. Fans again cant "WE WANT TABLES!" Devon... GETS THE TABLES! The fans go nuts, Ray takes out Rhino with another stopsign shot. Devon sets the table in the corner, they pick up Rhino, whip him into the table, Rhino stops himself, turn around, takes them both out with a clothesline! Rhino calls for a ladder, Cage provides one, and Rhino uses it to clothesline Ray & Devon with it. Rhino grabs Cage and puts him on the top of the latter... WOAH! Cage files with the frogsplash and nails Ray! Rhino follows up with a gore on Ray through the table! COVER... 1... 2... 3!
    WINNERS: Christian Cage & Rhino, by pinfall. The fans are actually booing Rhino for the win? Wow, heel crowd tonite. Johnny Devine runs in and kendos Rhino from behind, then takes out Cage on the apron. Devon is up, takes on Rhino with punches to the back of the head, chokes him on the bottom rope. Ray recovers, raises the kendo. The lights go dark... it's Abyss! Ray tosses a sign at Abyss, he no-sells it, gets in the ring, takes out Ray & Devon, then dares Johnny Devine to attack him with the singapore kane. Devine swings, Abyss ducks it and then nails the Blackhole Slam. Abyss picks up the kendo as the fans chant "DO IT! DO IT!" as Ray stands up. Abyss looks at it and then throws it down, poses off to the fans, who boo him too! The fans want some more hardcore action here, and are not satisfied that they're not getting it. Abyss walks back up the ramp.
    Leticia interviews AJ Styles backstage, asks if he got a chance to talk to Sting. Styles said that they talked, they cleared everything up and will talk more after tonight's show. Leticia asks Styles about tonights' match. Style says that this is a purely personal issue, he wants to hurt Kurt Angle, Angle wants to hurt him, and tonight they're going to settle things in the ring. Angle may end up being the better wrestler, but Styles will always be the better man, but Styles will guarantee that Angle will not get up tonight.

    Last Man Standing Match: Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

    Styles charges at Angle as the bell rings, Angle bails to the floor. Angle gets back in the ring, Styles rushes him again, Angle again bails, this time with a cocky smile, knowing that Styles is already getting frustrated. Angle gets back in teh ring, Style charges again, again Angle ducks out, Styles follows him though, and we run around the ring, Angle slides back in first and is able to cut Styles off, club to the back. Styles pulls himself up in the corner, but Angle unloads with rights, then chokes Angle with the boot. Angle sets up and executes a snap suplex, covers, gets a quick pin attempt, Angle rolls into a side headlock. Fans are chanting "Let's Go AJ!". Styles gets to his knees, then his feet, elbows out, a stiff right, a chop on Angle to put him in the corner, then Style sbeats Angle downand stomps his guts out, finishes with a boot choke until the referee breaks it. Angle with a eyerake to reverse his fortune, then an European Uppercut. Angle whips Style soff the ropes, drops, Styles floats over then catches Angle with a clothesline, then clotheslines Angle out of the ring.
    Styles bounces off the ropes and flips over the top rope, diving onto Angle. Styles covers angle, 1-2-kickout. Style sslams Angle's head into the apron, followed by a a straight righ, then throws Angle into the barrier. Angle is thrown back in the ring, Styles is right on him, scoop slam, bounces off the ropes, HIGh kneedrop on Angle's head. Styles covers a pin attempt, Angle escapes and tries to beg off, Styles approaches, Angle grabs the tights and pulls Styles through the ropes. Angle rolls out and rams Styles' head into the barrier. Angle looks around the ring, picks up Styles, whips him across to the other side of the barrier, Styles stops himself, leaps up ont o the barrier, tries a cross-body block, Angles catches him and throws him right back into the guardrail with a suplex. Angle with an arrogant cover, using his feet only.
    Angle throws Styles head-first into the steel ringsteps, does it again, Styles flops to the floor. Angle picks up Styles, but Styles counters immeidately with chops to the chest and a few punches to the head. Angle staggers off to the ramp, styles pursues him, Angle with a kick to the midsection, sets up Styles on the ramp, tries to execute a suplex, Styles blocks it and reverses it with a snap suplex of his own! Styles covers, hooks a leg, but only a two-count. Both men get up, holding their backs. Styles punches Angle in the head, they're heading to the stage area, Style takes some tough rights, several in a row on Angle, he's reeling, but he ducks the last one, catches Styles and throws him off the stage with a belly-to-back suplex, Angle follows up with a somersault onto Style sfrom the top of the stage!
    Fans start a "Holy shit!" chant, Angle leaps down, covers Styles, gets a two-count. Angle grabs Styles in a side headlock and drags him back towards the ring, punching him in the head as they go. Styles is thrown face-first into the announcer's table, then thrown back in the ring. Angle kicks Styles in the ribs and starts to taunt him. Angle with a backbreaker, covers for a pin, putting his forearm across Style's face, but Styles kicks out. Angle with a reverse chinlock to wear Styles down, keeping him grounded. Styles works his way to his feet, waistlock on Angle, Angle still holding the headlock, Styles drives Angle into the corner, but Angle still has the upper-hand. Styles pulls off and snaps off an enziguri from nowhere! Angle falls to the mat, dazed, Styles follows up with a kick to the ribs. Styles tries to whip Angle into the corner, Angle reverses it, Styles floats over and hits him with a clothesline. Styles tries to whip Angle off the ropes, Angle reverses the whips and executes a Greman release suplex on Styles. Angle follows up with a scoop slam, cover, two-count, and Angle goes back into the side headlock. Styles works his way up again, puts Angle on the ropes and throws haymakers followed by knees! Styles whips Angle off the ropes, Angle ducks a clothesline, they take each other down with a cross body block.
    Both men get to their feet, Styles takes Angle down with three clotheslines, whips him into the corner, Angle reverses it, Styles floats over the top rope, singshots back in with a shoulder block. Styles picks up angle on his shoulders, applies a backbreaker! Brilliant! Styles finishes him off with an airplane toss, covers, two count. Both men look spent. Styles pulls up Angle, goes for the Styles Clash, Angle with a double-leg takedown, rolls Styles over into an ankle lock, Styles kicks him off. Angle charges, spinebuster by Styles! Styles goes to the top turnbuckle, Angle charges him, Styles tosses him down, Styles tries for a dropkick, Angle swats him down, tries to use the Styles Clash on Styles himself! Styles rolls through and grabs a leg, applies the ankle lock on Angle! Angle taps out!
    The referee starts the 10-count, Angle gets to his feet. Styles triess for the moonsault off the middle turnbuckle, but Angle swats him down! Angle wraps up Styles and execute a belly-to-back suplex, holds on, rolls through another, and a third, and then a German release suplex! Angle tries for a cover, but Styles kicks out. Angle tries for the Olympic Slam, Styles pulls out the Pele Kick from out of nowhere! Both men are down, referee starts a standing 10-count, Styles rolls over onto Angle, hooks a leg, two count. Styles collects his wits, slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle, Angle recovers and cuts him off, climbs up for a belly-to-back suplex, Styles throws elbows until Angle falls down. Styles gets to his feet on the top turnbuckle, Angle recovers again, waistlock, belly-to-back suplex, covers, 1-2-3!
    Rudy Charles now starts the standing 10-count on Styles, 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... Styles is up, Angle with the Olympic Slam, covers, pinfall! Referee starts the standing count again, Angle is celebrating... 6... 7... 8... 9... Styles uses the ropes to help himself up, Angle is ready for him, Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, Styles rolls through, STYLES CLASH! HOOKS THE LEG! 1-2-3! Both men are down as referee Rudy Charles starts counting Angle out... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... Styles is on his feet... 8... 9... ANGLE POPS UP! Styles spears him in the corner! He puts Kurt up on the top turnbuckle, Styles goes up, going for a superplex, Angle fights him off with punches, Angle with a waistlock, Styles with a waistlock, Styles headbutts Angle! TOP ROPE DDT!! Angle falls on his neck! OMG! Styles rolls over and lays an arm on Angle, 1-2-3. Another count, both men are down as the count starts... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... Styles is up! Angle is not... 10!
    WINNER: AJ Styles, by stipulation! Angle finally starts moving after about 30 seconds, he's moving his arms, so that's good. Styles celebrates for a few moments, leaves the ring. Rudy Charles is checking on Angle, then calls for the TNA Trainers to get in the ring, they bring a neckbrace and a backboard with them. AS Styles look on with concern from the top of the ramp, starts to come down to the ring, then runs down, clears out the paramedics, picks up Angle, DDT! Again! Styles straddles Angle's body and taunts him. Styles then leaves the ring area.
    The lights go off! They come back up, STING! He's got AJ Styles in a inverted DDT and plants him on the ramp! The fans boo, kevin Nash walks out of the pipe, he asks Sting what just happened, Sting brushes him off and walks to the back, Kevin Nash follows him back. Referees help peel AJ Styles off the ramp.
    Don West and Mike Tenay are just floored, Tenay suggests that Sting is trying to send some sort of message by attacking certain individuas. We recap the highlights of this match, including the SICK DDT on Angle, and Sting's apparently unprovoked attack on Styles. Tenay says that the more Sting does, the more questions come up.
    TNA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Six Sides of Steel Match:
    champion Samoa Joe vs. Booker T (w/ Sharmell)

    After the extended introductions in the cage, the fans start chanting "Joe is gonna kill ya!" as our two opponents circle the ring. Booker T signals he wants a test of strength, but then backs off. We finally get a collar-and-elbow tie-up, Joe shoves Booker T off, runs over, chops him a few times, puts Booker T in the corner, more chops, whip to the corner, Joe charges, Booker T with a reverse elbow to catch Joe. Booker T with forearm shots, then grabs a kendo. Joe kicks Booker T in the midsection, knocks the kendo away, Joe shoots him off into the buckle, charges and delivers an elbow, then a high kick to the head that knocks Booker T off his feet. Joe pulls down a trash can, sets in the middle of the ring, snapmare on Booker T, puts the trashcan in his lap, kick the back, kick in the traschan into Booker T's nuts, off the ropes and a senton on the trashcan onto Booker T! Booker rolls over, holding his guts.
    "JOE IS GONNA KILL YA! JOE IS GONNA KILL YA!" Joe picks up a kendo and lays out Booker T with it. Booker T pulls himself up in the corner, Booker T comes over and lays in the jabs to the chin, the body shots, back to the face. Joe whips Booker T off, reversal, Booker T with several reverse elbows to get the upper-hand. Joe staggers out of the corner, Booker T crushes Joe's head with a trashcan shot. Booker picks up the hockey stick, Joe gets to his feet, ducks the shot, dropkick by Joe catches Booker T off-guard. Joe pulsl himself up, grabs a trashcan lid, goes across the ring, grabs another one, waits for Booker T to get up, rings his bell by boxing his ears with the lids, then hits him in the back of the head, then in the face, covers, 1-2-kickout. Samoa Joe picks up a chair, swings, Booker T ducks it and follows up with a spinning heel kick right into the chair, right into Joe's face.
    Booker T picks up the chair, Joe is face-down on the mat. Joe gets to his feet and Booker Ti with a Superman-style swing with the chiar, and Samoa Joe is busted open! Booker T puts the trashcan lid on Joe's head, follows up with a legdrop on the lid. Joe gets to his feet, Booker T hits him with a cookie sheet. Joe staggers to the ropes, Booker T picks up an axe handle and chokes Joe with it over the ropes. Booker T climbs up the cage to escape, but Joe recovers, cuts him off, grabs Booker T by the neck and hits a diamond cutter off the top turnbuckle! Both men go down... stagger to their feet, Joe grabs Booker T by the dreads, nails him with a trio of right hands, then drives Booker T face-first into the cage. Joe puts Booker To in the corner, then tries to climb the cage. Booker T runs over, belly-to-back suplex, Booker T covers, hooks the leg, two count.
    Booker T applies a front facelock, then wraps his legs around Joe's body and applies a guillotine choke. Joe hooks his feet on the ropes, but it doesn't matter. Or it does?? Uh, this is a no-holds-barred match, why is Earl Hebner breaking the hold? DUMB. Joe gets to his feet, finds a trashcan lid, Booker Ti spots it and kicks Joe in the face, with the trashcan lid between them. Booker T stomps a mudhole in Joe's body. Booker T tries to climb over the cage, Joe gets up and pursues him, they're on the top rope, Joe with rights, Booker T with chops and rights of his own, Booker T throws Joe's head into the cage. Joe leaps up and kicks Booker T in the head! Joe falls to the mat, Booker T is hanging onto the cage, then loses his grip and falls on his head! Joe follows up with a lariat, irish whip off the ropes, powerslam! Joe covers, 1-2-kickout.
    Samoa Joe picks up Booker T, POWERBOMB! Joe doesn't release it, instead he flips Booker T over and goes right into an STF! Joe grabs the arm and tucks it between his legs, it's now a Crippler Crossface! Booker T is literally hurling his body to the ropes to find a break, reaches out a leg to touch the rope, Hebner breaks the hold. Samoa Joe grabs a chair, plants it in the middle of the ring. Finds a second chair and stacks it on the first. Joe picks up Booker T on the top turnbuckle, sets up for the Muscle Buster, Booker T fights him off, Samoa Joe with a kick to the head again, Joe tries it again, gets him on his shoulders, but Booker T wiggles out, Joe charges, Booker T snatches him up with the Book End and plants him on the stack of chairs! Booker T follows up with a cover, two-count. Booker T flips over, SPINAROONI! Joe is up, Booker T off the ropes, AXEKICK! The lights go out! STING?? The lights come up, Samoa Joe has a guitar, nails Booker T with it from behind! COVER! 1-2-3!
    WINNER: Samoa Joe, by pinfall. WAIT?? Guitar?? Uh... there wasn't a guitar in the ring! WOAH! Idea light! Samoa Joe leaves the cage, picks up his belt and leaves, but does this mean.... could it be? We'll find out on Impact next week! I'm outta here!

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    So Jeff Jarrett is going to be wrestling again?

    This explains what Coachman will be up to, according to Jim Ross's blog:

    'Great to hear that Jonathan Coachman has started his new gig for ESPN with his first assignment being on ESPN News. I expect to see Coach’s career advance nicely on ESPN after he gets his feet wet reading the sports on ESPN News. Coachman can do play by play and has done college football along with men’s and women’s hoops which will help him move up'.

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    I seen him on espnews on Friday

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    hmmm i wonder if jeff jerret will be coming back how interesting turn of events and i'm glad they took the title away from booker t i hate to say but he's past his prime he was great in wcw but the is annoying with his whole "king booker" gimmick is lame just so lame.

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    lol, did he do pretty good?

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    RAW is not RAW now until I see Santino Marella on Monday nights! The guy is just flat out GOLD on the mic and entertaining in the ring also. The guy has been in the ring now with Beth, Kelly, and the beautiful Mickey James the guy just has it made lol.... Has anyone checked out Santino's Casa on the WWE board it's also good for a laugh!

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    Report: Mick Foley Headed To TNA Next Month

    The Sun out of the UK is reporting a close friend of Mick Foley has informed them that the hardcore icon is headed to TNA Wrestling when his WWE contract expires on September 1st.

    Foley’s friend told the Sun, “Mick's body cannot handle a full time schedule, even in TNA. But he's hell bent on doing everything he can to further his legacy and put them on the map.

    The friend added, "Mick's plan is to wrestle select dates, like Sting currently does. He feels he will legitimately make a big difference in the way TNA Wrestling is perceived by the public!"

    Back in 2005, Foley was in talks wih TNA and was very close to signing with the company before he wound up back in WWE. He did not work this week's SmackDown! tapings.

    Well, WWE is going lower and lower. They lost one of the great legends in Wrestling to an up and coming Wrestling company in TNA.

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    Yeah, but it's not like Foley really wrestles much anyway, just on special occurences.

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