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Thread: Can Someone Recommend Some Comic Books?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAKHI the SOLORIAN View Post
    Anna Mercury is one of my faves and vol 2 just came out........
    everything warren ellis has written for avatar has been quality imo (except doktor sleepless)
    get anna mercury as well as ignition city, black summer, and freakangels

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    i still love h.e.r. NAKHI the SOLORIAN's Avatar
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    ignition city

    so this is really that good?

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    ^^^i enjoy it alot...it's retrofuturistic, like a modern interpretation of old school pulp sci-fi
    rocketpunk i guess...and i'm patenting that name for a subgenre lol
    it's got the typical scathing warren ellis wit and there's some good world building...it's got my recommendation for what that's worth lol

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