*part of it you'll find in the assassins creed thread and peace to my man bronze feet for helping me bounce these rhymes and make them solidified

Try digging yourself out of the shadows wit just safety scissors
I think you missed the target when you get buried in darkness/
My hardest flows be too easy for novice to progress against
Now when you reach the edge you値l die from laughter/
I知 way past cha mentally lyrically
You値l sink worst than any emcee out of Harlem/
Break necks wit beats that snap heads
When I get mad I just shut cha jibs/
Do I need to repeat my rhymes?
In a way that wake up bigots to they dismay
Or are you just too deaf, dumb and blind to understand me/
You can 釘urn My Raps after Reading
Like the latest 鼎ohn Brothers flick/
I don稚 need retard on my payroll to make me any less parallel
So when you chew on my chemical laced gummy bear
You値l choke on it wit no signs of hope/
I can build cha up wit 鏑egos but cha egos wit be let go
So when you on your 溺ars Mission you値l feel the plastic 鏑ego explosion
When I知 exposing your frailty/
溺ega Block tick tock the bomb goes 泥rop like Ad Roc
I知 a beast from the depths of the mind where the imagination runs wild/
I break down your monopoly wit psychoanalytical philosophy
Making you weak your hostile attempts to rip are bleak as Nazism/
You can稚 take out squirms of meat like slabs of beef
So treat them wit some good ol black belt patriotism/
Chaotic sporadic 途hythmatic making me that much more 釘lastmatic
So when I get kinetic I render you helpless wit constant motion
From the kinetic energy I generate/
Hitting you wit Tibetan kung fu that I learned from the like of Fu Manchu
Breaking you down to gravel leaving scatter all over the ocean like particles/
Before I知 out I値l leave you wit explosions that値l leave time corroding
From my doomsday device exposing you wit no heart but darts I expose u wit/
From the way I知 flowing throwing chaotic barrages
Leaving you bruise wit syringes left in you/
So you know when I rhyme it痴 an 殿ssassins creed I breed
Leaving you feeding off the 鍍he bar exam
I知 presenting without any practice at all/

This is just another
Fragmented style
I致e dubbed 吐low it is
Now your struck wit it
Hitting you thick
Lighting bolts are sick
Flick up ur lighters and get lite