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Thread: NAS- Mc Burial

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    SMH peace, maybe you need to go study up on things before you open your mouth

    and I ain't your dunny, so please don't call me that

    at trying to use that language too, like you actually speak like that in real life

    "Reciting a biblical verse before I make your melon burst like that nigga Jules from Pulp Fiction...my salvation is salivation, and diction crucifixion" - Ras Kass

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    Chains - i've tugged a few.

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    Anybody heard the remix with Game on it?? Game really rips it dissin 50... I must admit i'm feeling Game more and more these days. If anybody got a mp3 version of this song (MC Burial remix) please post it, it's fire!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief 'Broom
    Yo this is a sidenote - but Lake is soft. I'm glad Nas took Quan over him. Lake has a weird voice for rapping. Sometimes the artist can't always simply look out for their boys - they must find some talent. And Chiba you're definitely thinking in the right direction. The song is dedicated to the fuck Nas coalition.
    i think both are good artists
    i would go more for quan just coz nas is pretty much helpin him out

    i didnt know about the lake thing tho!!
    i wouldve never guessed

    you guys shouldnt beef about whos better
    everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how
    bad or good it is


    again thanks for the info and input y'all


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