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Thread: favorite killa sin verse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronze Feet View Post
    What cd is moanin off of? that track is dope, another ill Sin verse on Spazzola, of a Meths judgement day, shit is fire
    I think it's not on any album!!!!!! Kind of Soldierz of Darkness!!! I don't even know if it's Killah Priest track & Killa Sin & Shanghai The Messenger is featurin on it or it's Sin'z track & KP & Shanghai The Messenger r featurings..!?!?!?!

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    Suga Duga


    bronzemen verse = classic. one of the best verses I've ever heard

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    His verse on The Worst is my fav.
    That's why we do the do, just know who is who, acknowledge me all day, and understand Wu is Wu - Chef Raekwon

    I'm hood ornaments, junkies win awards in my tournaments - Chef Raekwon

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    heist of the century!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "We Agreed To Send One To Swim From Lost To Found."

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    guns n razors is up there personally along
    wid the verse where he goes 'a lyricist supremacist attacking da track like native villages' n bronzeman as mentioned..
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    nah its gotta b bronzeman

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    Soldiers of Darkness

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    Not his best...shit not even Top 5 but I still love it

    Live wire brigade, razor blade attire, we raid
    Space invade, blaze the haze before we sever the stage
    I'm never afraid, mainly concerned of others outcome
    Like Ak-nel the glock shells, we put 'em in ya mouth son
    What we not about, one - games not excuses
    Further reference, tighten up the loosen for steppin
    Keep ya mind on ya money, not mine, nuttin funny
    No smiles, leave you sunny side up, nose runny
    Not snot neither, ER screamin 'we got a bleeder'
    Doc need a mop, to clean up the spot when the receive ya
    Not a hardrock, but a rockhard, and niggaz love that
    You see me in the streets, it's all love, I give the love back
    "When it come to this ish here/y'all about to sit there/soon to rock thaat robe, crouched in a big chair/studded up crown with 40-below wrist wear/prove y'all clowns couldn't uf wit the flow, this here"

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    Killa Sin has always been one of my favorite killa bees. I think his dopest verses are:
    -Wake Up
    -EZ Killins
    -The Worst
    -The Archer
    -Black Diamonds
    A million strands of spider webs weaved to make my vest
    Chi energy compacted deep within my inner chest
    One touch of my eagle claw clutch, rips your guts, brass head kill you fast with rapid head buts, ninja spying, the ammo flying, the steel iron blow a nigga neck from his head like dandelions

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    My fave verse has always been on Full Moon, it just hits me at the core.

    Dom P's (?) past, guns blast
    I recollect on the past
    On how we ran wild together
    Chasing cash and ass
    Small time thing
    Managing stings for nugget rings
    Went back far like acorn fights on modern swings
    Kingpin style, juveniles raised with major flav
    Tenth grade came went on our own and severed ways
    Never realized Poppy would die or leave my side
    When you passed kid I cried until my insides dried
    Homicide never
    I visualize better
    You live forever in my heart son
    Mentally dunn we roll together
    No years past I still hear blasts as guns flashed
    My nigga run fast he sumble to a lifeless crash
    On the concrete my leg felt weak
    I couldn't eat let alone sleep
    This shit is way beyond bone deep
    Now I sip beers
    Shed a few tears with our peers
    Play the rears
    Do the knowledge through glares and cold stares
    Yo it's hard kid
    I swear to my unborn this war's going on
    Veterans taking falls to young pawns
    But I stay strong and try to move on
    And live life to the fullest
    Rest in peace to the God who took a bullet

    "I pledge allegiance to the hip hop"
    Method Man

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    May all the bullshit cease, increase the war fuck the peace/
    Shits hot like rockin tube socks in Jones Beach, in the summer...
    "The skywalker, that be leapin' over planets"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAURO View Post
    My fave verse has always been on Full Moon, it just hits me at the core.
    yeah i really like dat verse..i always give that wheel ups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surreptitious View Post
    May all the bullshit cease, increase the war fuck the peace/
    Shits hot like rockin tube socks in Jones Beach, in the summer...
    numba one gunna run 4 cova keep u steppin wid more lethal weapon den danny glover-i cock baack
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