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Thread: just a quicky

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    Default just a quicky

    im perverted it seems, since the lord deserted my dreams
    im always broke,dont provoke if its worth it i'll scheme
    kick the real shit ya couldnt deal wit, a mercilous feind
    i write the tragic ,servin emcess, wit a side of salad,
    the styles tip top, i make hip hop my bride for marriage
    you tried to manage, but couldnt disguise the damage
    you guys have had it,
    im the headless horseman of rap, enforcin my facts
    leavin contortions on cats, n straight scorchin the wack
    half of yall traded in ya skills for a porsche and a gatt
    fuck poppin lead im choppin heads like swordsmen in fact
    the last real rapper, im the unheard myth that you fear
    you strickened in fear when my names whispered in ears
    more bite than bark turn light to dark n cause mass panic
    lookin for a fight to start with a mic in grasp, i blast faggets

    just a lil verse
    tryin to elevate ya know

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    Default Re: just a quicky

    Nice verse homie, your flow and rhymes were good for the most part. However, the fiend to salad part didn't flow for me, I thought it over in my head and it seemed too abrupt, nah mean? Overall, good verse with the flow a little uneaven at times

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    Default Re: just a quicky

    Nice little piece. Short and simple, well constructed. Some pretty decent word play. Not a bad effort.

    New album 'The Essential Nonsensical' out now. Check out some tracks here...


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    Default Re: just a quicky

    wordplay was aight, better than most of the drops here, overall it was a nice piece, but try to make your lines shorter

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