Rap mogul Jay-Z is looking to enlist 50 Cent, Beyonce and Janet Jackson to create a “super [record] label."

After recently teaming-up with production duo Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Erikson, aka Stargate, a new record label called StarRoc was formed.

The former Def Jam President is looking to sign the artists under the new StarRoc branded label.

“Jay-Z approached 50 Cent earlier this year and now he’s talking to Janet and Jermaine Dupri... It seems like a difficult task to get so many big artists under one roof, but I wouldn’t put anything past [Jay-Z]," an insider told MediaTakeOut.com.

In related news, Jay-Z will be releasing his eleventh solo album, titled the Blue Print 3, via Def Jam.

The album will be his final release with the Def Jam record label, before he begins his contract with Live Nation.