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Thread: Wu Latino popularity... how will it affect the wu?

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    Default Re: Wu Latino popularity... how will it affect the wu?

    Quote Originally Posted by chiba
    i think rza should help produce latin rappers
    like how he did in europe
    he produced some songs for german,french, and english groups
    and they came out dope

    like i said before reggaeton hasnt evolved yet coz its still new
    the first successful latin reggae artist was "el general" and that was just plain reggae
    (like buju banton, bennie man style) with spanish lyrics it sounded nothing like the reggeton now.
    the reggaeton now according to most people have the same beat( or sounds the same),
    i heard other reaggeton beats and they arn't that great.
    so most ppl stick with the same formula ,they take the beat of a song thats
    doing really well and they try to remix it to make it listenable.

    maybe RZA could bring it to another level
    it could either make him or break him


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    Red face

    look wu latino isnt only reggaeton u got latin hip-hop and bachata 2 okay so shut ur racist mouths before u say ignorant shit do ur homework i dont care if u dont like reggaeton rza dont care if u dont like reggaeton. u dont have 2 like every thin the wu does but reggaeton and bachata are running the latin music scene so if rza wants 2 invest in that HE CAN!

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    Default WuTang Latino Presents- La Familia, April 29th!

    I don't know what you are all worried about. Rza, first of all, is not "running" the label very hands on. It's in the hands of Latinos, and he has final approval. However I don't see how there is even a question about how this will affect the Wu's popularity or direction. I mean, Rza has done soundtracks for movies and I don't hear any of their music changing to sound like his music in the soundtracks... right? I think this argument is pretty null and void.

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