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Thread: Collect Call..

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    Joint is called "Collect Call" peep that shit..


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    LOL...Peace God...I feel you Sun, I was right there wit you felt like. Much respect on the track.
    Niggaz needz to be lookin out for that 10 shit. 1

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    yeah this track is fuckin nice, one of horrocore's classic bangas haha

    this album is gonna be sick that you're doing for real......

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    sounds tight man, I like the concept.

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    what up fellaz, i aint been around for a minnute. i peeped all ur trax this mornin and its nice to see how much work some cats get done in a short while. And yo, Sun Tzu you and ten fold realy stepped up ya game Sun! A whole new level..
    shit sounds real good!!

    yourz truly,

    Peace to the Gods

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    last ups..
    -The Process

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    pretty nice track. the beat is good, i like the style of this. your flow and delivery is tight, i'm feeling it a lot. its well put together as well, props on this song. keep up the good work.


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    thats how we do in the gnc realm muthafuckers

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    HHAHA...im feelin that 1. Good shit.

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