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Thread: Nas, Ice Cube and Scarface Album Coming?

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    Default Nas, Ice Cube and Scarface Album Coming?

    West Coast legend Ice Cube is open to the idea of a group album with Nas & Scarface. A fabled album that has often been talked of as a "King Of Each Coast" album by fans could well be on the cards after Cube recently spoke to AllHipHop.com.

    Ice Cube is quoted as saying "I wouldnít even think twice about doing that...hell yeah!" Cube, obviously enthusiastic about the prospects of working with the other two legends, continued; "I think the album would be crazy, lyrics would be sick, and Hip-Hop would love it.

    Itís just making that business happen, thatís the part that gets funky. I ainít never turned down these kind of projects, they just donít happen for whatever reasons. But Iím up for some sh-t like this because I know we can make a dope record."

    Is this just speculation or could this project ever see the light of day? Stay tuned for the latest information as we bring you more updates.

    Nas, Cube and Face doing a freakin album together?! That's gonna be hella dope.

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    Now that would be a calloboration, Nas, Cube and Scarface that shit is legendary

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    Well i agree with what Ice Cube said about the business part of the album which would mean a contract and the money would have to be right. That's good to know that Ice Cube never turned down doing albums with other rappers because if the contract/money was right, his collabo album with Dr Dre called Helter Skelter that was supposed to come out on Death Row back in the day probably would've happened and the NWA reunion album would've happened. I remember when NWA was talking about doing a reunion album 8 years ago, they wanted to get Snoop Dogg to replace Eazy E and i don't think that was a good idea. Eazy can't be replaced. I think the album would've sounded good with just Cube, Dre, Ren.

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