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Thread: As Far As Hideo Kojima Is Concerned, Meta Gear Is Over...

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    I wouldn't be too surprised if MG and MG2:SS showed up on Wii's Virtual Console one day.

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    hideo kojima said 2 and 3 were the last in the series.

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    EveryBody Does Know Metal Gear IS Based Off A Series Of Books Right?

    There Is 9 Books According To That There Should Be Two More Games.

    And If Anybody Was Watching The Millon Hours Of Cut Scenes When They Explained The Past Of Metal Gear They Also Hinted At A Future Two Metal Gears.

    It Was Right Before You Fight The First Bitch The Camoflouged One That Doctor Explained About Metal Gear And It Showed A Pictoral Of Two Future Games Coming Out

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    MGS5 wont be about snake thats for sure.
    maybe about Raiden and how he saved that girl from the patriots?
    or Bigg Boss before MGS3

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