ok, since i caught some flack for posting links to my music in other forums, i'm gonna keep posting stuff in this thread, so please, keep checking in, it'll definitley be worth it, i'm gonna be posting new shit, old shit, collabo's, mixtapes, beats i did for other people etc pretty much everything i've done in the past 8 years.......

so anyways, heres a couple of things i recorded yesterday...

Uncle Bungle "Simple Beauty" - produced By Uncle Bungle

Uncle Bungle "I Need Help" - produced by Uncle Bungle

Uncle Bungle "Dutt 2008" - produced by Uncle Bungle

some gems......

Uncle Bungle featuring Doyen D & Sammie Lee "Street Legal" - produced by Uncle Bungle

Cherry aka Mizz T "The System" produced by Uncle Bungle

Nem featuring Uncle Bungle "Opposites Attract (remix)" - produced by Uncle Bungle

apparently this is a Pat Bateman diss track (according to him).....
Uncle Bungle "Dry Options" - produced by Infinity The God

this was for PCP's "Elephant Stomp part 2", but they put it out there before they got my verse, but hey fuck it, i'm still gonna share it with ya.....
Uncle Bungle "Elephant Stomp part 2 (freestyle)" - produced by 7th Grand Mantis

the shits there for your downloading pleasure, so by all means, download them shits & leave some feedback, it would be very much appreciated.....will post some more stuff tomorrow, its late & i'm going to bed....