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    Working on audio today will be up soon for know here's the lyrics

    Verse one (J.T.S.)

    I started off as a young lost boss with no remorse
    Bagging up with bandits selling 20's, and knock-off's
    Holding narcotics in my draws, frisked for the cause
    Cases caught mom threw me out when jake raided our spot
    Gods taught me math i laughed i was smashed
    But i took heed to the lessons confessing my obsession for cash
    Drove drunk and crashed a stolen whip
    Big sister put me on blast, ready to die living life fast
    Finished school and 2 years of college
    working bullshit jobs to put money in my wallet
    Clowned by ballers i never followed i'm a street scholar
    Met a young lady that shared my interests and quest for knowledge
    We hit it off good 3 months later my firstborn born in the hood
    a month later i got shot around the time Wu tang forever dropped
    mad to the point i grabbed a glock looking for the shooter declared war
    Caught him serving crack fiends in front of the jewelry store
    Smacked him with the pistol as he dropped to the floor
    Ready to send him to the morgue when i thought of life for murder in the pen
    Who would look after my seeds then? a serious situation
    put the glock away and walked away with my heart racing


    They say life is what you make it but these devils trying to take it
    you either broke or trying to cake it
    without knowledge of self you won't make it
    learn from your mistakes these jewels are so sacred

    Second verse

    The wicked people make this world cold
    Imagine being grabbed from your homeland
    thrown on a ship shackled, and naked starving to be sold
    On a auction block seperated from family for life
    And everyday you hear the screams of women getting raped at night
    Picking cotton with the sun burning your skin
    And if you take a break your savagely beaten
    With a whip and if you flip you'll get lynched
    Forced to belive in a religon that's bullshit
    You submit and still get beatdown
    your skincolor the cause of this
    But youv'e had enough and plan an escape away from these thugs
    you and some others gather up weapons and rush
    The masters house with his own rifle you air him out
    you spare the wife and children
    They were in another room so they didn't witness the killing
    your a runaway fugitive slave so there's no time for chilling

    last verse

    a devil can be any nationality with a wicked mentality
    Running from reality even the savage live lavish
    Bad habits we all have but they laugh at someone who suffers
    they kill their own kind and blame others
    Steal from their mothers, dishonor their fathers
    Some molest kids all of them have an uncureable sickness
    Some you see everyday some are rappers in the music buisness
    they could be someone you live with they don't belive in forgiveness
    Some sold their own people they'll lie and say all men are created equal
    Others are cannibals that would murder then eat you
    They kill with no feelings and no nothing about building
    They spit on the poor feeling inferior because they have millions
    Thinking record sales make you better than the most skilled spitter
    On the outside they seem happy but really suicidal and bitter
    they hate themselves and tell you when you die your going to hell

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    hmm.....i got to say one of your more introspect joints i've read

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    Prince Rai


    i love this, real life talk.

    straight to the point with accuracy. what i like is that you allow the listener/reader to really get into what you are saying..and with three verses on different topics, i think everybody will find something to relate to.


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    damn JTS, man this a crazy real life joint,

    Feelin this one, got a real nice vibe to it, im waitin on the audio for real

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    Thank you everybody for the comments it's greatly appreciated, i just can't get the sample cleared God damn Anita baker!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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