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Thread: Dashing (Reasons) is it a Christmas song?

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    Deck and Genius murder that shit, they make the beat worth listening to because they both spit some real ill shit on it

    I've always liked the track, the singing at the beginning doesnt last too long, it actually sets up deck to come in and rip it
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    how does this beat suck? wtf? it's definitely a different style of rza beat, but it's a banger to me, than again i thought chrome wheels was one of the best beats on that album and most people seem to hate that track...

    this is a good fun song...not some generic bullshit that people claim is fun but is actually just something calculated to placate the masses...if the chorus is lame to you, do you hate the sing-songy stuff on m.e.t.h.o.d. man and some tical tracks?

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