peace to the wu corp family im not going to defend myself aginst this fool because i always show respect and always kept it righteous for all those that know me and may have heard of me there are only 3 things im going to address pertaining to this dudes post .
1. raaddrr van didnt invite me or any of my fam to interfere in carta records biz first of all i have never met raaddrr in the physical , i was introduced to him by my comrad DLAH who is head producer at iron chamber and the only thing he and i built on was lessons. the second phone call was pertaining to a post i made about g-clef (JOEY) speaking negatively about people he do biz with i.e. RAADDRR VAN i never even heard the gods music before and even to this day i still havent.however raaddrr and i have a brotherly relationship its beyond music just like a lot of my family.
2. I DONT HAVE A ONLINE STORE!!!!!!! so how can i offer to sell anything of anyones let alone music i have never heard. i offered to play the gods music on WFTG RADIO AT LIVE 365.COM AND THIS DUDE WHO CLAIMS TO BE L.B. FAMS (LOST BOYS) D.J. who goes by the name NINO also he claims to be a physical brother of one of the wu generals hahaha i wont dis-honor any of my family like that and put their name in this post cause he knows i know the truth hahaha.
3. now thirdly and most importantly reguardless of creative diffrences between raaddrr and nino i got a disturbing call from raaddrr saying this guy nino threatened to take the life of raaddrr and his lil seed on a text message he recieved from nino.
now raaddrr read it to me over the phone..... now i wont go into complete detail about it because it is really personal however with the loss of pac biggie freaky tah and others my question is must it come down to this savageness a grown man sending texted threats to do bodily harm to a FATHER AND HIS DAUGHTER? what part of the game is this?
now im pretty sure yall are familar with the nation of gods and earths inwhich i am an active member of now one thing we do not tollerate is someone tring to kill the babies and raaddrr is also part of this nation and his seed is my seed as well just like all the children are my children white black green yellow dont matter now this dude comes on here acting like he is all civilized but the truth is he is a devil now the real reason y raaddrr went to miami is he felt the life of his daughter was not safe being that this dude threatened him and his daughters life so let the truth be made known now the riff between g clef and i have nothing to do with this and it is only between g clef and i word bond. and i want to add i dont wish no misfortune on no one not even JOEY he is doing a service to and for hip hop and thats peace however i just dont approve of his ways and actions and he know what i mean.
on that note i bid everone here peace and the true grind dvd is coming real soon here is the link to the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!
and some clips too