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    Default sjaakcl-peep it! (new grammar update!)

    yo its about time let me kick a line
    kick it back to life
    infamous rapper no denial so on the lalala!
    do it major now: i do it marked wise
    so im just sicker with the punshes
    guarentee come by like like yo wazzuppers!?
    might catch me on to something
    call Peter R up then we dubble em for suppers
    fresh out the blokkers strickly out for dollars,
    keeps that pumpin, so the bars reach for tomorrow
    n still slang that coolio like me when i was younger
    who put failure on the webtalk nah man nothing
    nah me was on the hossel ever slicker then before
    no messing around yall cause we bring it to the core
    now who they wanna caller im that diet coke comercial:
    im that! guy popping that prime time fuck it yo
    bring the message powerfull office bitches wanna holler jai
    that hip hopping mind piece blowing chills with mine yo
    all the chickens yo they like like n if they say they dont:
    then thats s a motherfucking lie drinking hey ma still fine
    my number one red red wines us tipsy cause the party over here
    yo mc kicking the rhymes with the right type of energie
    when shooting the stars it seems they all dance for me
    like im that who you are; what Lupe is about
    whisper that in her neck now n super lace the next like
    she just put her back in to n brings the formulas to cook it
    just chill! ok got them plates! a man must eat..
    and the menu of today yo me puts all in the mix
    microwave that for a minute
    then we put it on the grills, that cooking how it is
    shit mams recepy..just like the marinaded shit
    that make big boys like ya always drank the milk
    yo has big bones big pots balls n guts
    this man disgussed none overdue da cars.
    fuck kick the soup n bring that cultflow i rap it with my crew
    for the B-boys B-gilrs men i rap this all for you,
    she can unwrap it from the plastics like a present.. wooptiewoo
    thats the drop is 100 proof yes im a lady lover too
    what you expect im boosted-
    spot soon discovered you, also thats a jewel
    you my diamonds baby: kept in heavy rotation
    like they play it on juize like im so crooked
    thats fullfilling the horizon in a deep purple gloom
    i got my eye on the price:
    that punsh should keep it cool n that for ever be
    injected like the flow just moved.
    you catch her back in the clubscene not so loose
    doing shakes ya like that thang thang
    its no mystery ya give some, the donna flee...
    you win some.. bounce bounce homie!..
    she be cashing at the mothership
    pockets pull of space rocks bleep bleep all this/
    this the setting be about, like skies is the limit
    bout those rappers doin real things,
    jup we nice with it we focussed men
    n keep some ill lines for the microfone combustsion
    ey pappie iller minds you wonder man im boss im yes:
    them cautious rappers fear me like a soultrain bout to blast off.
    standing in the line for entrance: sunday viesefreak night.
    they dress up matching figures for what she say? spiller
    game you lay? feel like kitties on the hay bitch please
    no way, dont take the candy spitted so far to brain just stop
    click the heels yo put the whole world on dubs ridiculous
    you suck if you believe so like she drank it on the rocks..
    some ice cold bottles that do misses at the bar she not to far
    she put on him like licking that she work it as a doll
    like who like what chick like i give a fuck about the preasure
    till its smacking can she carry that? her world s on dubs
    she spinning around like what what is goin on?
    you felt it commin in the air
    but was like whats all the fuzz?
    word is both Gods n puppets
    now is breaking it down, dancing for money
    now i switch them styles, for all that rappers still is moi
    one mic like Nas so let me introduce myself
    as sjaakcl man da mad mc i keeps it in the family
    da name be realler
    like a fast flip: im here yo an overseas, reppin flow
    mic master dont know..this not rapping like before
    this on some whole new boarders my shit is like the freeworld,
    n on da Dlow..i screem hohoho
    yo dats a ducth man leaning; not moving a bit
    since i heard that shit on tv i heard men was being greedy
    flipping scripts against the whizz it must be crazy playing hits.
    holds ya head up!..n still still the flow is deep as pussy
    that you be in! most upclose n personal now you turn into dissin
    you wet you drippin you turned pussy rapper within..
    who tagged that on your city changed the name to sick mc
    changed the game was like that movie not to serious nah mean
    mic control degrees that hannie does her damn thing
    rock an elements right, she all put on the rear, make you believe
    me I dont play the hide n seek i touch i squeez
    so when i penetrade the rapgame im increadable fatigues.
    the tactics i spit strengthed bij skills that will that will chill
    beyond them sporty thieves,
    beyond them bitches n cream that chick she she lays in a glass o champagne
    this you might see me on a rythm: paid in full
    put the crunk on the snow to be slow.. toasting,
    singing thats like pon da beach all weekend
    you slipped tickets in between that the fuck you mean by that
    that means im there the champ is here im blessed with beats
    like other cats can only dream of
    its a beatifull feelin how we step up to this
    n ya know the foreign lands
    mad game mad green im dutch it sticks
    like daddy fly my haze is
    yea the crowd like my appeance
    new school beats
    why i hold this..one thing damn thing recognize this
    recon recongnize this
    yo me told you i would stay over the years show how to play
    like game that game got game like syea
    Last edited by sjaakcl; 11-02-2008 at 09:26 AM. Reason: its finished now! enjoy

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    you liked reading this?
    well but sorry,
    you die after this!

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    nah serious
    where s that Dutch love
    (not you cilva i mean that real Dutch love)

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    good stuff

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